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  • mike w. - Worked on my hot tub, but not on my pool

    Purchased this because I had a leak in my pool piping and was looking for an easy fix. This did not fix my pool after using a half a bottle. Determined I had a cracked elbow underground, after I dug up the line when this did not work. But we also have a hot tub that had a small leak, so we put the remaining half bottle in the tub to see if it would work. It did, and now the tub is leak free.

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy with these liners

    Very happy with these liners. Haven't been through the dirty seasons with them yet but feel very confident my carpets will be well protected from mud & snow. Fit rather well. Only complaint is it doesn't cover the area where the middle seats slide, but not sure how that area could be covered - it needs to be free to slide the seats.

  • D'asia Denise - Amazing Growth

    I first heard of this product on YouTube and natural hair care forums. I always see positives things and people saying how effective it is! I've wanted to grow my hair for a long time and I knew this would work! I went in to this hoping to see a huge difference in my growth rate! I couldn't count how much money I spent on hair care products that don't work!

  • Laurdess Valentino - After Party

    I have been using this stuff for about 10 years now. This is one product that I hope to God never stops being made. Not only does it smell awesome (to me) but it makes my hair feel so soft and smooth. I have very thick hair, and I have colored it as long as I can remember. SO if I left it alone and blow dried it (and that was it), its not overly frizzy but just enough to look like it might be damaged. When I use after party on it, I use it much differently then it says on the directions, I put a half squirt in my hair while its wet then dry it. I know my hair so overly dry and doing this on a normal head of hair might make it look and feel greasy. However its perfect for me. I then flat iron it and it will last and look awesome for three days. After 3 days of not washing it, my hair looks disgusting no matter what product is in it. And when I say looks awesome I mean like Jennifer Aniston's hair awesome. Its shiny and smooth. I do attribute it all to Bed head after party because it never looks awesome when I don't use it.

  • D. Adams - Great for me, family hates it!

    This book makes cooking for one so easy and affordable. I can't believe the time I'm saving and the delicious food that I can prepare each and every meal.

  • C. Matasavage - Love this product

    If I could only take one supplement, this would be it. It has alleviated my vicious nightly leg cramps, drastically improved my sleep-therefore my mood; improved regularity. I was asked "what are the side effects?" answer-you feel better! Concerning the issue of taste discussed by another reviewer; I add a splash of juice-problem solved. However, be sure to mix with warm water, and don't drink until the fizzing stops, or you will have a belching problem.