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Superior Officers Council NYPD - The Superior Officers Council currently manages and distributes a variety benefits for New York Police Department Lieutenants, Captains,Police Surgeons, Inspectors, Deputy Inspectors and Deputy Cheifs - over 2500 active members and their dependents and over 4600 retired members and their dependents.

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  • OpenPenman - portable and compact with a clip and big magnet

    this thing is tiny, i mean it could fit in your fist like a baseball. 2x the size of a standard beeper. It could be carried around, it's lightweight, it takes one singular AA battery, it has a clip, and a big magnet behind the clip which is tremendously useful/

  • Joyce Deal - Good kit for the price

    This is a good cleaning kit for the price. It is easy to use. I get in the pool with the vacuum to clean it. The only problem I have is when I don't attach the bottom of the vacuum securely. It tends to work loose while I'm cleaning the pool. It would help if the vacuum hose was larger in diameter. When I'm using it, the water flow to my sand filter is somewhat restricted. It still works, but the sand filter is not getting the full flow of water. I much prefer this over the vacuum that attached to your garden hose. Vacuum has good suction and cleans the bottom well. The brush and net work well too and are easy to use. Very satisfied with this purchase. Would recommend it to a friend.

  • Mary cole - Great storyy

    This is a story about two sisters, one went to prison for what her sister had done. When she got out of prison she returned to find her sister missing. She started trying to find out what had happened to her. She found out that her sister head also involved in drugs. Great story tread and find out what happened.

  • MizJones - Finally, A Documentary That Tells The Truth

    I always wondered why our president did the things he does, and what his real history is and why the media seemed so intent on covering it all up. Now I know. Through his characteristic soft spoken approach, D'Souza explains every detail of Obama's history, his father's history, and the men who mentored him up until the day he first took office in 2008. For the first time, I have a better understanding of his Kenyan/Marxist/Anti-Colonialist roots and what drives the man to behave the way he has for two terms. Why he's sympathetic to Muslim extremists while cutting off Israel, why he has so little concern for our well being as a nation (he hates this nation in my opinion) while going out of his way to funnel money to post-Colonial countries and the Middle East.

  • TubeAmpsRule - It works

    I deliberately waited nine months after using this product before I reviewed it. I chose the Sylvania kit based on a recommendation from a "leading consumer magazine" *Wink *Wink . The restoration process takes a little over a half hour. The directions are simple and straightforward. Everything you need,even the tape to mask the surrounding paint is included. The results are quite good and restore your lenses to near new condition so long as you take the time to do the job correctly. Nine months later the lenses on my nine year old Mercedes E320 (notorious for yellowing over time) still look very clear. Clear headlamps have a significant impact on light output, it also made my car look almost new, a nice side benefit. Forget about the garbage they advertise on TV, that stuff does NOT work. The Sylvania kit clearly does (pun intended).

  • Amazon Customer - Great quality, good instructions

    Great quality, good instructions, arrived 3 days early. Inside front screw holes do not line up with holes on truck...had to drill about 1/4 inch out to secure bottom of mud flaps. They don't tell you that though.

  • Camera Shy - Well Made and the Case is Top Notch

    I have not yet had the chance to use the hole cutter and will accept others' comments regarding how well the device works in practice. I will comment on the product itself. First of all, the packaging is first rate including the blow-molded case which is top notch. The hole cutter components fit quite nicely into the case keeping everything together for the next time you need it. As for the tool itself, every component appears quality made. The shroud appears to be well made of thick plastic and the cutter is well designed. I gave it a dry run and it seems pretty solid. The device has exceeded my expectations and I'll provide an update once I've had a chance to put it to use.