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  • Clayton McRoy - Once you pop you can't stop

    This poster is big in size. The bubble wrap aligns perfectly with the dates. Would be a great improvement to have more space between the months.

  • S. J. Wood - Classic Tune

    Rock the way it was meant to be. Don't even make music like this anymore. Reminds me of a much simpler time before the Reagan era.

  • RonL - So much potential. Maybe a software update is needed?

    So much potential. Maybe a software update will fix some things? I mean, it really is a cute idea - seriously, but there are enough drawbacks that it is going back to Amazon for a refund:

  • Star Light - Glad to have these

    These are just what I wanted. They are just as good if not better than the ones I got from the bank. One reviewer mentioned the pages are thin with tight spacing and that ink from certain pens can bleed. This is true, but I wonder if their bank supplied higher quality registers than mine did because the ones from my bank also had thin pages with the ink showing through sometimes. These ones I got from Amazon do have about 20% less spacing but it is fine for me. They are longer but still fit easily into my checkbook cover. Print is grayish and calendar years are as described, 2014, 15, & 16.

  • 5ofspain - Bought this for my wife who doesn't like to take medicine

    Bought this for my wife who doesn't like to take medicine. She started slapping vick's vapor rub when she had a cold or the flu. I thought this would be similar and so I chanced it. This has the typical mental camphor smell. The packaging is nice, being an old-style tin. My one complaint is my wife thinks it could be stronger. It doesn't seem to have the same strength as the vick's. We bought this through subscribe and save and felt we got a decent deal.

  • Sandra Knight - Great Product

    I used this on ceramic tile flooring where some tiles were loose or when I walked on them I could feel a loose tipping effect. I drilled the four holes around it and filled as directions said and viola the next day, it felt solid and did not move anymore. Just wish the tube held more. Thanks

  • Meao - It would be absorbed better and therefore even more effective if the skin is ...

    It does work for me to lighten my face after a few weeks. It would be absorbed better and therefore even more effective if the skin is scrubbed.