Northeast Pain Management - Northeast Pain Management, located in Bangor, Maine, specializes in interventional treatment and minimally invasive surgery of painful spine disorders, particularly of the spine.

  • Our Mission - Highest quality Interventional pain and minimally invasive spine surgery - It is the mission of Northeast Pain Management to provide the highest quality of interventional pain and minimally invasive spine surgery services. We provide care at all times and a cure where possible.
  • Pain Management Services in Bangor, ME - Back pain is just one of many pain sources treatable at Northeast Pain Management. Other pain issues treated here are knee pain, Post Herpetic Neuralgia, cancer pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, neck pain, unresolved post-op pain, or nerve problems.
  • Patient Forms - At Northeast Pain Management, we spend time with our patients. We will review all of your medical reports and images with you.
  • Insurance Information - Patients are responsible for the services they receive. Our billing department will submit claims to all insurance companies as long as we are provided with valid insurance information.
  • Patient Educaiton - Interventional Pain and Spine Surgery - Common procedures include epidural steroid injections, joint injections of shoulder and knee, and ultrasound guided injections to muscles, tendons and nerves.
  • For Providers - Insurances accepted at Northeast Pain Management - NPM participates with a variety of insurance providers. We will also accept workers' compensation and motor vehicle accident claims.
  • Contact Northeast Pain Management - Bangor, ME - Contact our offices. We may be reached by calling 207-942-6226 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Unique Advantages of Ultrasound - Ultrasound for pain management uses sound waves interpreted through sophisticated software to visualize muscles, tendons, nerves and joint openings. It is completely safe and painless. It has three main uses in pain management.
  • Changing the Face of Pain - Our leading-edge procedure, kyphoplasty, offers a minimally invasive way to restore height and relieve the pain caused by a vertebral compression fracture. These often result from progressive osteoporosis.
  • Knee Pain? You don't have to live with it! - NPM's program has already proven highly successful for many knee pain sufferers searching for an effective, less invasive and less painful alternative to knee replacement surgery
  • What is Kyphoplasty? - Similar to Vertebroplasty this procedure is used to stabilize a broken bone in the spinal column known as a compression fracture. It is unique in using a balloon to correct vertebral body shape and to create a space into which cement is injected to stabilize the fractured.

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