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  • deansunshine - Great Product...

    I have been using this product for a month now and can really tell a difference. My hair looks better and better each day. It has grown about an inch, looks healthier and fuller. I initially purchased this product to grow my hair - which it has. I am getting many compliments on the looks of my hair now. I have already ordered 2 more bottles.

  • Greggles68 - Only reason for 4 stars... The base ...

    Only reason for 4 stars... The base does not allow for any kind of stability if you have much board overhanging on either side of the jig. I had to build a custom platform for the jig to rest in that had maybe a foot on either side of the jig to give overhanging boards something to brace on. The only positive to this is that I made them storage spaces as well to house all of the screws, plugs, bits, etc. that come with the jig.

  • VTMom - Great seat for a colicky or fussy baby!

    My son hated his swing and would barely give me 10 minutes in it. Finally, after 12 weeks without much respite during the day I looked up the Mamaroo on a recommendation. After watching the video I immediately bought it and even paid for express shipping. From the first moment my son was in it, he loved it! Thank goodness! I also love that this seat has a much lower profile and is more compact than a swing, fitting more easily in my living room. Can't say enough good things, especially for a colicky baby.

  • Milli93 - I like this product.

    Used this for a yr now I buy online because it's cheaper. Bad thing is that I use the fine to medium on my sides of my face and the different one for course on my upper lip and chin. Though I don't have it bad at all but if I used the fine to medium on my lip I noticed it still had hair,, so that was the reason for that, I love this cause the hair like side burns are gone n I reapply like once every 4 weeks. I did look at some reviews on YouTube and so bought it and works fine,,leave my face soft n smooth,

  • J S Bach - Good but not great

    I have tried and removed many different software products for the amazon vine programme. Please note the last phrase, removed, as many programs which have been tested were either useless, did not do what they were supposed to do, too complicated to be of any use or slowed the computer down so much it became inoperable. I have had AVG products in the past and have had mixed results using them. In the past I tested AVG on notebooks and have found them too RAM intensive to be used on the simple 1GB to 2GB computers. This product has been tested on a Dell XPS Ultrabook, 4GB Ram and 128 SSD.

  • scorch - Extremely unreliable

    I bought a simplisafe system for my home because I accepted a one year contract to work in China, and I wanted my house monitored without having to sign a three year contract with any other company. Twice, so far, I have received emails from simplisafe telling me that my equipment isn't working and that certain steps must be taken, such as checking the batteries, etc. Fortunately, my son was able to go to my home the first time to rectify the problem. However, now, only a few months later, I have received another notice that my system isn't working, and again, they recommend certain pedestrian steps to fix the problem, such as checking the batteries or rebooting the system. Do they expect me to fly to the United States from China every few months to keep maintaining a system that has been advertised having batteries that last three years, etc.? It is impossible for me to feel that my home is securely protected. By having a simplisafe system, I have just added one more worry, one more concern, one more burden to my already busy life. I certainly do not trust this company at all, and this is due to the fact that the failure of their substandard equipment (which I have to pay a monthly fee for) is offering no sercurity at all. For anyone who contemplates