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NJR Transportes - O transporte de cargas especiais da NJR Transportes possui o serviço mais completo de transporte de cargas pesadas, excedentes e indivisíveis do Brasil que atende toda a toda América do sul.

Country:, North America, CA

City: -73.5833 Quebec, Canada

  • jmitchell - Great product, way to spend time with kids.

    Having a blast collecting these coins with my daughter. Wish they had a spot for alternate mint but so far it's an amazing product for starring a new hobby with my kiddos. Large format makes it easy to see and hang if you want to. Sturdy construction just try not to rub corners as it is a cardboard folder

  • Barbara Jordan - A life saver

    I find that I use these plates for lunch and dinner. It saves on dish washing. I share this item with my sister and she recommended using this item instead of dishes

  • César Rodriguez - Excellent source for relief!

    I am at yoga practitioner since about three years, I also run almost every day using the Chi running technique. The problem is that in my childhood I never did exercise as I should, being a sedentary boy until my age of 21. Then, I started to get involved in community work, helping others and putting my body into stressful hard work. I did construction work, agriculture work and other weight-bearing activities. Of course this, along with a competitive cycling training paid it's toll! After sometime, I started having pain in my fingers and in other the joints prompting me to take glucosamine as a supplement to help me with that issue. I started taking this in 2010 and decided to switch to another supplement from Canada which helped me a little bit more especially when I started practicing yoga. Recently, I started searching for a product or, something else more cost-effective to treat my joint pain and help me to keep up with my physical activities and then, I found out that turmeric was being used in the ayurveda healthcare system for many many years and I also found out that this type of Hindu Curry has been thoroughly studied by science. I started taking it from another brand feeling some results and I decided to try Scwartzbioresearch because to me, it's a brand that has enough reputation to be trusted. I am also a vegan so I really appreciate the way this product is being manufactured. Sometimes good things are a little bit expensive but now, after trying this brand for almost a month, I have to say that I am feeling better and better from my joint pain, I have been able to keep up with my yoga and I feel well enough to start running again. I must say that this isn't a medication! In other words, this is not an overnight solution for anyone's problems, we have to be patient and allow the natural ingredients to take on our body progressively and then get the desired benefits. From the very first moment that I got this product, I realized that it is top-notch! The packaging was great and on top of the good product inside, you get a flyer with instructions on how to get the most out of the product. As an example, thanks to that flyer, I realized that when taking turmeric, I should take some fat with my meal. The attention to detail is a winning attitude of this brand which made me think about purchasing other products from them. Finally, together with my purchase, I got a free bottle offered in exchange for this review and, that will definitely save me some money because I am planning to keep taking this supplement for the rest of my life.

  • Amazon Customer - Interesting Theories

    Very interesting info, covering a lot of pagan rituals, origins and theories. At times it appeared the author may be trying to indoctrinate the readers into pagan beliefs. So the reader needs to keep in mind the author is really supporting and promoting Christianity. He is simply pointing out the many ways and belief systems the rest of the uninformed world is mislead by, lost in, or confused by. Seems a very well researched book, with many surprising points.

  • Brady - Awesome hammock! Super Soft!

    This is an amazing hammock! Firstly, the hammock and the included straps all fit nicely inside the pouch. I have had hammocks before where the pouch is not attached to the actual hammock, and I always lost it. This pouch is securely attached to the hammock. The included straps are great! They wrap around trees and don't slide down. The straps feel very durable and feel like they are made out of very good quality material. The hammock itself is very comfortable. The material is extremely soft! The size of the hammock is great! There is enough material on both sides that I can comfortably and easily roll to lay on my side. Overall and amazing hammock. I would definitely recommend! I received the product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Damon Overboe - OK value. Not great, not terrible.

    It worked pretty well. I was replacing a Black & Decker blender that was going out. As it was failing, I started to use a Black & Decker food processor first. I wanted a faster and simpler process