Nicosia Polyclinic, Private Hospital in Lefkosia, Cyprus - A modern private hospital located in the heart of Nicosia (Lefkosia), the capital of Cyprus. Ambulance Service, Clinical Laboratory, CT Department, Endoscopy Unit, High Dependency Unit (HDU), Mammography Lab, Outpatients Department, Radiodiagnostic Lab, Surgical Theatres, Ultrasound

  • Our Profile - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic is committed to provide the highest quality of care to its patients. We provide a safe, technologically advanced medical environment. We aim to audit and evaluate our practice and compare it to the European standards.
  • Ambulance Service - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic has 2 new ambulance vehicles which are fully equipped. The ambulances are recruited by senior nursing staff and they comply with all the regulations
  • Clinical Laboratory - Nicosia Polyclinic - The Theocharides Clinical Laboratory is a long term collaborator of Nicosia Polyclinic. It is equipped with state of art machines such as ROCHE, HITACHI DBC, SYSMEX.
  • CT Department - Nicosia Polyclinic - CT scanning provides a non-invasive diagnostic examination that can investigate any area of the body, and allows the radiologist to assess the nature, location and extent of a disease.
  • Endoscopy Unit - Nicosia Polyclinic - The Endoscopy Unit of Nicosia Polyclinic is a separate unit in the hospital, with safety and patient welfare foremost in mind. Nicosia Polyclinic offers a full range of endoscopic services designed to combine a caring environment with modern high technology facilities for outpatients and inpatients. Nicosia Polyclinic offers x-ray facilities enabling our consultants to perform therapeutic procedures like ERCP and oesophageal and colorectal stenting.
  • High Dependency Unit ( HDU ) - Nicosia Polyclinic - Our HDU offers a specialist and intensive observation for acutely unwell patients. We provide continuous cardio-pulmonary monitoring, with all the necessary facilities like ventilators, infusion and injection pumps, continuous oxygen supply etc.
  • Mammography Lab - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic features an advanced mammography machine; Kodak Direct View CR 850 System which offers the most up-to-date technology in breast cancer screening and providing high diagnostic reliability.
  • Outpatients Department - Nicosia Polyclinic - icosia Polyclinic operates Outpatients departments, covering a wide range of diseases and conditions in most specialties. Our experienced surgeons and physicians offer a series of tests that meet the needs of prevention, diagnosis and management.
  • Radiodiagnostic Lab - Nicosia Polyclinic - Our Radiodiagnostic Lab consists of the X-Ray department and Mammography lab. The X-Ray department of Nicosia Polyclinic consists of 3 rooms and is equipped with the latest contemporary equipment resulting in excellent image quality and the lowest possible radiation dose.
  • Surgical Theatres - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic has three recently renovated surgical theatres supported by recovery rooms. Our experienced nursing staff ensures the theater is fully prepared prior to each operation and that the latest infection control guidelines are implemented to minimize any rare post-operative complications.
  • Ultrasound - Nicosia Polyclinic - Ultrasound scanning uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of part of the inside of the body, such as the heart. As sound waves are used rather than radiation, the procedure is safe. Ultrasound scanning is particularly useful in obtaining diagnostic information for the following organs:
  • Specialties - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic hosts doctors of various specialties Cardiology Endocrinology Gastroenterology General Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics Hand Surgery...
  • Cardiology - Nicosia Polyclinic - Our Cardiology services have long served our patients with great consistency and reliability. Our cardiologists offer confidential consultation taking a comprehensive history and performing thorough clinical examination.
  • Endocrinology - Nicosia Polyclinic - We offer high quality endocrinology care to our patients with Dr Elena Andreou as the Endocrinology Consultant, with the radiological imaging, laboratory facilities, associate surgeons, physicians and specialist nurses...
  • Gastroenterology - Nicosia Polyclinic - Our highly experienced gastroenterology specialists provide a comprehensive service approach to the management of a whole range of bowel conditions.
  • General Surgery - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic has a very good tradition in General Surgery and the team consists of some of the most experienced surgeons in the country. Patients will often visit a General Surgeon
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics - Nicosia Polyclinic - The Gynecology and Obstetrics department of Nicosia Polyclinic has a long tradition in providing excellent healthcare services to women. The department brings together individuals with expertise across a broad spectrum of women’s health- from obstetricians-gynecologists and anaesthetists to midwives and nurses- with the main objective of making a major contribution to the health of women.
  • Ophthalmology - Nicosia Polyclinic - ... proud to work with 2 experienced consultant ophthalmic surgeons who deliver consultation, assessment and treatment of all eye conditions.Ophthalmology..
  • Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and Head & Neck Surgery - Nicosia Polyclinic - Our specialists, Dr John Kitsios and Professor Maragkos, use the latest surgical and non-surgical procedures to treat all problems affecting the ears, nose, throat and head in adults and children.
  • Pathology / Internal Medicine - Nicosia Polyclinic - Internal medicine is the specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Our physicians or pathologists are highly skilled in the management of patients who have undifferentiated or multi-system disease processes.
  • Plastic Surgery - Nicosia Polyclinic - The surgical theatres of Nicosia Polyclinic provide a fully equipped and safe environment for our experienced plastic surgeons to operate. Plastic Surgery..
  • Radiology - Nicosia Polyclinic - We are equipped with the latest radiological imaging technology to assist diagnosis and management of its patients. Our radiology department offers a ...
  • Urology - Nicosia Polyclinic - The urologists at Nicosia Polyclinic have extensive experience in general urology and are trained to diagnose and manage a broad spectrum of urological pathologies affecting the urinary tract. These include the penis, urethra, urinary bladder, ureters and kidneys.
  • Vascular Surgery - Nicosia Polyclinic - Vascular surgery is used to resolve problems with the vascular system (arteries and veins), such as varicose veins. The physicians, radiologists and surgeons of Nicosia Polyclinic have substantial experience in diagnosing and treating with a wide range of vascular problems. In Nicosia Polyclinic, the surgeons’ expertise, nurses’ experience and state-of-the-art facilities have a lead to excellent outcomes for our patients.
  • Orthopedics and Trauma - Nicosia Polyclinic - fully equipped and organized orthopedics department lead by experienced consultants. Our orthopedics surgeons have huge experience in trauma, fractures, hip
  • Hand Surgery - Nicosia Polyclinic - Most of these procedures are carried out by our internationally known hand surgeon Dr Stefano Cataldi . Hand Surgery often involves the repair of damage to the hand or wrist which may have occurred to bone, muscle, tendon, nerve and other soft tissue (such as ligaments).
  • The Team - Nicosia Polyclinic - Our Doctors - Dr Demetris Galazis, MD Dr Frixos Galazis, MD Dr Elena Andreou Dr Yiota Nicolaou, MD, PhD Dr Michael Lerios, MD, MRCP Dr Kyriakos Tyrimos, MD Dr Andreas Shakallis, MD Dr Antonis Karaolis, MD Dr Constantinos Antoniades, MD Dr Svetlana Iacovidou, MD, PhD Dr Ioannis Kyprianou, MD Dr Georgios Papamichael, MD Dr Maria Krasia, MD Dr Nikolaos Maragkos, MD, PhD Dr Ioannis Kitsios, MD Dr Harris Zavrides, MD, PhD Dr Adamos Paraskevas, MD Dr Stefano Cataldi, MD Dr Akis Panagiotides, MD Dr Georgios Katsifarakis, MD Dr C. Antoniou, MD Dr Stefano Cataldi, MD
  • Check-ups / Health Certificates - Nicosia Polyclinic - Nicosia Polyclinic offers 2 exam packages for general check-ups. Both are comprehensive and have been validated by many scientific articles as efficient and cost-effective methods of screening and disease prevention.
  • Work with Us - Nicosia Polyclinic - If you are a nurse or a healthcare professional and would like to advance your careers, we would like to talk to you. Please call our Human Resource Department. You may want to email us your CV or your questions using the form below.

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