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  • Tina Tuna - This kitty's got a new coat ... of paint!

    I wasn't even aware of my embarrassing genital discoloration before I stumbled across this product. I haven't been this "fresh" and (temporarily) pink for 25 years! (I'm 32, you do the math ...).

  • Jacob Castro - Awesome case that will protect from space!!!

    Been using UAG since I got my iPhone 5 and have never had a better case. I've dropped both my iPhone 5 and 6 plus with this case on concrete, tile, and wood floors and the case has held up every single time (no bends in phone). The lip on the rim of the case allows you to place the phone face down without damaging the screen. UAG has a video of them dropping the phone from space and it holding up. It does add a little bulk but it's worth it when you're carrying $1000 investment in your pocket. UAG delivers and will continue to get my service as long as they make cases.

  • marianna chopin - Dishonest Scam Rude Will NOT give a refund

    I ordered this product, but after talking to a Doctor about the ramifications of soy products, decided to not take it. When UPS showed up at the door, I sent the product back with UPS. For 5 months, Body by Vi has been debiting my account and will not stop. I have spent hours on the phone with these people, who will argue and argue, and then hang up on me. Buyer Beware - this company will not give any other numbers, nor disclose where they are located. When you call them, wait times to speak with anyone who will eventually hang up on you, is often more than an hour. I believe most of the posts on FB are by the company itself, because a google search will reveal the scam and all the people that have been taken by an irreputable company!