Neuropathy Support in Central Texas - Find support with our neuropathy community- support group meetings, Tai Chi classes, online resources, and a network of healthcare providers you can connect with.

  • What is Neuropathy? Do I have neuropathy? Nerve Pain and Numbness - What is neuropathy? Chronic neurological disorder with nerve pain, burning, tingling, numbness in hands and feet. Learn about causes, symptoms and treatment
  • Neuropathy Symptoms, Different Types of Neuropathy - What types of nerve damage cause neuropathy? What are the different symptoms of neuropathy? Numbness, tingling, burning, pain in hands and feet.
  • Neuropathy Causes, Idiopathic, Inherited, and Acquired Nerve Damage - There are many causes for neuropathy; inherited, acquired, or idiopathic, diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, autoimmune neuropathies.
  • Getting a Neuropathy Diagnosis and Treatment Options - Receiving a proper diagnosis for neuropathy can take years and be very frustrating. Here is some info about diagnostic testing and treatment options.
  • Neuropathy Alliance of Texas, Neuropathy Support Community, Resources - Neuropathy support and resources in Texas. Learn more about neuropathy, ways to live with chronic pain, list of neurologists in Texas, supportive community.
  • Non-Profit Mission for Neuropathy Community Support in Central Texas - Vision, mission, and history of Neuropathy Alliance of Texas, 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to support neuropathy patients and caregivers.
  • Find Neuropathy Support Group Central Texas and Neuropathy Resources - Free support group and well-researched neuropathy resources Central Texas, pain management, numbness tingling in hands and feet, burning pain neuropathy.
  • Neuropathy Support Groups in Central Texas, Neuropathy Resources - Share resources about neuropathy, find a supportive community to learn more about living with neuropathy, a chronic neurological disorder.
  • Texas Neurologists to Diagnose and Treat Neuropathy - Neuropathy Alliance list of network of neurologists in Texas who treat and diagnose neuropathy. Neuropathy treatment most effective with early diagnosis.
  • Tai Chi Classes for Neuropathy Central Texas, Improve Balance and Strength - Free and low-cost Tai Chi classes available geared toward alleviating neuropathy symptoms. Help improve balance and strength for nerve pain.
  • How to Live with Nerve Pain, Resources about Neuropathy - Resources for neuropathy patients and caregivers to help with daily living. Neuropathy is a chronic nerve disorder and there is no cure, so we provide help.
  • Expert Presentations on Neuropathy - expert speaker presentation neuropathy neurologist expertise neuropathy treatments
  • Neuropathy News and Research Articles, Resources about Neuropathy - Read news and research articles about neuropathy to help better understand neuropathy. Useful tools for learning about living with nerve pain.
  • Online Resources for Neuropathy Patients and Caregivers - Online web resources for neuropathy. Access to various neuropathy related websites to learn more about this chronic neurolgoical disorder.
  • Support Neuropathy Programs, Contribute to 501(c)3 Non-Profit - Donations to Neuropathy Alliance of Texas go toward support programming for neuropathy patients and caregivers,and raise awareness and support research.
  • Donate to NATX Today! | Neuropathy Alliance of Texas - Support raising neuropathy awareness and neuropathy research. Donate today to help support neuropathy patients and caregivers live with chronic nerve pain.
  • Business Sponsorships | Neuropathy Alliance of Texas - Business sponsor opportunities for health and wellness programs in Central Texas. Donate and support neuropathy communities through quality programming.

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