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  • NCET Tech Wednesdays - NCET's Tech Wednesdays offer a backstage pass to the coolest companies along with world-class networking!
  • NCET Tech Cafe - Sept 21 at The Basement - Toni Quiruz, marketing and sales director for Digiprint Corp., shares the difference between “Hunting vs. Farming: Keys to Effective Networking.”
  • NCET Tech Tips: Three Ways to Strengthen Your Company’s Culture - Culture is defined as the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an institution or organization.
  • Going green is good for the heart and for business | NCET - Going green is pursuing knowledge and practices that lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles.

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  • WaRgarble - What's not to love? Who doesn't want a rear-end equipped with "friction-modified" ...

    It's LUBE, you put it in your rear-end! What's not to love? Who doesn't want a rear-end equipped with "friction-modified" lubricant?

  • Tiffany Lin - LOVE the Cocofloss products!

    I didn't floss regularly in the past but now with Cocofloss I floss almost every day. It's super high quality and feels so much more comfortable than regular floss. Now I can't go back to buying drugstore floss.

  • David Morach - Install a pain

    All I wanted to do is key in my new authorization number to continue my subscription. Once there was a way; now there is NO CLEAR PATH to do so! The only reference to renew is to purchase the the product from Best Buy. I had to proceed unnecessarily through the entire process and install the product as a new customer. I ended up losing a couple of weeks coverage on one machine. What a bunch of bull!

  • Darnell - I am a Witness

    Prior to having this, I had bad toe fungus and that is very embarrassing. I walked into a CVS and figured I tried doctors and their hard core plan, might as well give this a shot. No going back for me. I was clear within 2 months if that much, with filing and clipping. My family is amazed at the turn around. Great item.