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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Lisa Loo - Amazing for first month, then it went quickly downhill :-(

    When we first got this mattress, it was AMAZING. Seriously the best sleep I've ever had. I am a chronic back pain sufferer due to some car accidents a while back and I wake up in agony 99% of mornings. I toss and turn and wake up several times per night. But when we got this mattress, that all changed. Within the first 3 days, I felt like a new person. I was sleeping through the night and waking up virtually pain-free. I was in love. I talked about the mattress constantly. If my house were on fire and I could only save one thing, this would be it. I'd be dragging this mattress out the window if I had to.

  • snoopybelle - Use this book along with USMLE World.

    During the first 2 years of medical school, I really didn't study that much until it came time to study for step 1. Also, the school I attend really didn't prepare us well for step 1. I studied about 8 hours a day for 5 weeks and used First Aid along with USMLE World as my main sources. I also listened to Goljian Audio lectures during my daily jog. I went through First Aid twice and USMLE World once. I think this was enough for step 1. Each question gives you a few clues to the answer, if you can recognize atleast 1 or 2 of the clues, the answer is straighforward(most of the time). I ended up scoring 245/99. Using a bunch of other books really is a waste of time in 5 weeks of studying. Just concentrate on First Aid, USMLE World, and Goljian Audio. Hope this helps.

  • Abbi Mitchell - Couldn't use it.

    Horrible burning smell and smoke coming from the bottom a few minutes after turning on. Decided not to use it so as not to set my apartment on fire. Would not recommend.

  • kanna - Great for any sport

    I use dry hands for pole fitness and it's a miracle worker, use them before I put on my pole gloves or you can use it bare. Sometimes if I'm doing a hold I'll put it behind my knees and still works. Love this product

  • Jonathan - This is a great modifier for the money

    This is a great modifier for the money. Awesome quality of light and the setup / tear down isn't too bad.