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  • Techguy - Awesome for the alone person

    The recipes are great, but I especially enjoyed the practical tips, such as "For a low-sodium alternative, season your meal with your tears," and "Relish in the fact that your married friends can't enjoy eating dinner in their underwear like you can."

  • TazW - Great, saved a trip from Aftercare

    Update: Apparently our son put a pea up his nose that daycare didn't notice & I didn't initially notice. Well I thought it was a blockage due to a severe cold coming on...used the Baby Vac Nasal Aspirator & pulled out a huge pea from his nose due to the awesome suction. This saved a trip to the Aftercare!

  • GregoryNP - Worked for my 2002 Lexus SC430

    When my engine light came on I called the Lexus dealer and they wanted $115 to diagnosis the code. I heard that auto parts stores will read codes for free. Took it to Advance Auto in CT and saw the code P0420 for catalyst system below threshold bank. After searching the web found out it could be my catalytic converter or O2 sensors. Decided to give Cat-a-Clean a try. As directed on bottle, drove it till the gas was down to 1/4 tank, poured in the bottle and drove for 15 miles and then filled tank. (I did this all on the highway) My personal experience was that within several miles of refilling the tank the engine light disappeared. Hope its a long term solution. Good luck!

  • simone - I'm Steamed

    When I bought my Haan 2 years ago, ALL of the Amazon reviews were 5 star reviews--hundreds of them. I used my haan for two years, periodically cleaning carpet or hardwood. All told, I used it twice on my bathroom tile, probably 10 to 15 times on the carpet (single floor pf my small house), and maybe 10 times on my hardwood (single story). This machine was used lightly and gently. I always followed the directions. I always swept or vacuumed first.

  • Tori L Parten - Went together fairly easily and is reasonably solid

    Bought this because I was tired of the gym and wanted a basic squat rack. Went together fairly easily and is reasonably solid. So far I've had 225lbs on it with the rack in squat position. I don't have concerns about it failing but I worry that they could tip over if the weight is not lowered straight down. I am imagining an "urgent" lowering of weight leading to problems. Also, though the safety supports are effective (though short) they are a pain to adjust.