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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Shade - Best AntiVirus I have used

    I had a virus on my computer 6 years ago and Webroot was the only AntiVirus that was able to detect it and get rid of it. Since then I've been using Webroot because it has detected and removed more viruses and my computer feels safe. It also does quick scans and doesn't slow down my computer.

  • LaDria - Didn't live up to the hype for me

    The positive thing about this shampoo and conditioner is that its made with a lot of all natural ingredients. The bad part is that in spite of the slightly high price I didn't notice much of a difference in the texture of my hair after using it. My cousin has a softer texture of hair and it makes her hair look amazing! The smell is delightful though.

  • KimberlyinMN - Great cookbook!!

    Another great cookbook! I love that we can get the SmartPoints online at I love that there are even a few pressure cooker recipes. Although it's pretty easy to convert slow cooker time to pressure cooker time.

  • Barbara A Shock - ALMOST a FANTASTIC Product

    I used ths product today to clean a back porch I keep for my cats. With this cleaner it took only 1-2 hours to do the work that would normally have taken me most of the day to do, and the porch is cleaner that it has been in a long, long time! I collected so much car hair, dust and cobwebs (off stucco plaster and cat trees) I had to empty the dust cup 3 times.

  • M. K. Mcgregor - Good software. Does the job and makes each following year that much easier

    People complain about this software a lot, but I have had not problems using it to do 1040 long with Sched A and State taxes. I love the way it moves all last years information forward. Then each page shows entries for stuff I did last year and gives me a chance to put numbers in for the same thing; like donations to United Way or Compassion International. Then I can remember that I don't have the 1099 or donation form and can go find it. That's handy for a memory like mine. You simply follow the wizard basically and taxes are done for me in about 45 minutes. Maybe with one or two 10 minute re-visits for things that I missed or had questions about. I like this software. So far it has not had a problem for me. The only thing I had an issue with was entering some stock info that was converted to a new buyout company. Expressing that in the software since the source of the stock mattered when it was gifted. Other than that each year I actually don't mind taxes. Yes you do have to pay for state electronic submission. Oh well. So assume the software is $20 more than advertised. If it's so much a burden for the $20, then print and mail. But people cry that their ripping me off. What??? It only costs $30 on Amazon typically. People and expectations.

  • M. Royer - A great product for people whom don't suffer the 'explosive' side effect

    Some background to start. I am an avid tennis player, 30 y/o male in reasonably good shape, I exercise every day and try to play tennis with former college players 2-3x per week. At 16, I had my medial meniscus removed due to a bad tear, at 23 I had the lateral meniscus of the same knee removed due to another tear (yes, I know, and I'm not quitting tennis).