UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion - UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion is one of the four major teaching facilities of UCSF, San Francisco.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.4586 California, United States

  • KCutri - Both my daughter and I love this deep conditioner

    Both my daughter and I love this deep conditioner. I use it periodically, but my daughter uses it a couple times a week for her tight curly hair and you can tell the difference since she's been using it.

  • M. O'steen - Sturdy, quality great tasting espresso machine

    Had this for several years now about three works great. Makes great coffee. Recently started leaking out of the bottom and we are unsure why. Still works so good that we just keep a tray underneath to catch the water and continue using it. Very sturdy through multiple uses per day over years. Never cleaned the machine and espresso tastes as good as the day we got it.

  • Anika - I got this equipment with a missing part and only ...

    I got this equipment with a missing part and only realized it after a month when I finally got around to opening it. Now I have to order the missing part.

  • Kendall Cork - Multi Purposeful and easy to clean!

    This is an better than any other thermometer that I have ever used. I actually think this is better than those stupid under the tongue ones that my doctors still use. This works both for the forehead and with the ear canal. I love that there is the removable cap to expose the ear canal probe. This is actually really accurate with the forehead and ear reader. They gave me the same results multiple times that I have used this. This has great features like the different color backlighting for different temperature reads and the extra benefit of beeping and red light when the temperature is out of normal range. This reads the temperature quickly and effectively. I love how easy this is to clean and sanitize as well. I always keep alcohol wipes in the house for just this sort of thing. Makes it super easy to keep clean especially when multiple people in the house are sick and need to use this. Overall this is a great thermometer that will replace all of the under the tongue ones in no time.

  • Jose - Highly recommend this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, I would like to say is WOW!! My 2002 Mazda Protégé5 with 80K miles had the check engine light with the code P0421 (Catalytic Converter). I replaced the lower 02 sensor first and the light came back. I then had the top 02 sensor replaced and the light came back on. Before the light came on, I took the car to get inspected but it had failed due to no info recognized. My windshield now had a red failed sticker. I then drove another 20 miles and the light came back. After speaking to several mechanics, they told me that the catalytic converter had to be replaced. Keep in mind that this vehicle has 2 catalytic. I expected to pay between $800 - $1400 to get the check engine light removed. I decided to do my research and came across this product. I purchased and did exactly what the instructions told me to do. I poured the bottle while I had 1/4 of a tank left and drove the car till the gas light came on. I filled up the tank and reset the check engine light. After driving 100 miles the check engine light did not return and decided to take the car for inspection. As soon as I saw the guy with the scraper in his hand, I was happy to see that the car passed inspection. I now have a pass inspection sticker on my vehicle for the next 2 years. So far, I have driven the car for over 200 miles and the check engine light has not come back on. I'm not the guy that will sit down to write a review but I had to share this one and share with everyone. I spent $27 on this bottle and saved hundreds. So for those who think about spending money on a new catalytic converter, please try this product first. I will use this product every six month.

  • Alex - Great tv, but Amazon Video NOT supported.

    I purchased the Costo version a few days ago and after tweeking the factory picture settings, am impressed so far with this TV.