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  • Dlynn - Fair Weather Golfer

    After a 15 year hiatus from golf and not wanting to spend a fortune, I ordered this set so I could hit the links with my grandchildren. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the box. I figured they must have forgotten something because its was so light. The clubs feel good in hand and after a few bucket of balls have me eager to get on the fairway. I plan to carry this set for added exercise knowing it's light weight and comfortable strap will allow me to walk the links instead of riding!

  • EkBMS - Its working So Far So GOOD!!

    I have been self treating my yellow toenails for 3 years now. I have tried a lot of products on the market which help sometimes, then it just like I have treated them with anything. Well so far it has turned all the yellow toenails to white. Much better than the yellow. I am hoping this time this product will do the trick, as I know I wont know the full results until at least 6 mths if its gonna work.

  • Mustang girl - I've used this shampoo for over 30 years on my animals and myself.

    I've had horses most of my life and I've used this shampoo (and the conditioner too) on my horses, dogs, and my own hair too for over 30 years. It has always been a great product and I still use it on my own hair. Getting old and gray doesn't matter to me since this shampoo makes my salt and pepper gray hair look and feel nice and soft and shiney. My hair has always been thin but it still looks nice and has a bounce to it. I have always used it thinned down to half water and half shampoo for my hair only since it is so thick out of the bottle. One thing I've noticed with my dogs that I bathe with it is that their fur seems to stay clean a lot longer than when I used to use dog products on them. They smell nice after their baths too and it doesn't seem to irritate their eyes or ears if I get any shampoo in those areas by mistake. My horse likes to roll in the red Texas mud after her bath (ungrateful creature that she is to not want to be clean) but when the red mud dries it just falls away and she stays fairly clean till her next bath. The mud doesn't seem to cling to her fur.

  • Michelle Gaureau - Seriously

    I've only used one tank of CO2 and I'm already having issues. Either the stores are selling empty 'recharged' tanks or the soda stream machine has stopped working. Its sitting on my counter unused because I'm tired of trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Its a lot of money for a paperweight.

  • Patricia - Great bra

    I have several of these bras. It's comfortable, fits well, the butterscotch color is a good neutral, and it works with all my clothing necklines. The ones I bought in a store were wrinkle-free, but those I ordered online required vigorous steaming to remove creases in the foam as they are packaged folded in a tiny sealed bag.

  • Shelley - Amazing Product

    I tried this product for my son who had Molluscum on his skin. Literally, within a couple weeks, it took it away completely. Even the doctor was amazed!