Momentive Performance Materials - Momentive helps solve new problems in innovative ways. Discover just how far "what if" will take you.

  • - Addisil Heat Curable Rubber - Momentive's Addisil heat-cured rubber line of products are dependable, versatile and can be formulated for a wide variety of industry applications. Learn more.
  • - AgroSpred* Agricultural Adjuvants - AgroSpred* agricultural adjuvants is a line of advanced multifunctional adjuvants that may help optimize the spread and penetration effectiveness of agricultural spray applications. Learn more.
  • - Anchorsil* Coatings - Anchorsil* products by Momentive may offer effective anchorage additives for cationic UV-cure coatings, film release liners and other applications. Learn more.
  • - Carbo NXT Silane - Carbo NXT silane is an excellent coupling agent for silica-reinforced tire tread compounds when liquid silanes are inconvenient. Learn More.
  • - CoolFlow BN Powder Grades - We utilize decades of expertise in BN technology to improve our compound’s cost-effectiveness as a thermal conductor in electrically insulating applications. Learn More.
  • - CoolFX Hybrid Modifiers - Momentive's CoolFX hybrid modifiers provide a more cost-effective solution for most thermal management applications. Learn more.
  • - e-free Silane - Momentive’s e-free silane is a mercaptofunctional silane that can help reduce ethanol emissions in industrial rubber, tire and shoe manufacturing. Learn More.

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  • Valley - I feel great!!!

    I haven't felt this good in years. I have to admit, when I read that Dr. Hymans 10 Day Detox is endorsed by Dr. Oz I was sceptical as I am of anything involving Dr. Oz but boy was I wrong. I feel great. This is a natural, super easy way to get your body back in balance. I no longer crave sugar or bread and I've lost 13 pounds in 10 days. The people complaining that it is too expensive probably spend an equal amount on junk food without batting an eye. I bought all my supplements on my own but when they run out I will certainly purchase directly from Dr. Hymans site. I am allergic to fish so I was concerned about fish oil being in the supplements. After contacting the company I think I have that figured out.

  • Veronica - One of my favorite games!

    I play this game with my whole family and we love it! Great songs and its a great workout too! My kids (10, 8, 5) love this game!

  • exotic dancer - Horrible diarrhea! But...they stand by their money back guarantee

    As with most people, I found the 30 minute video compelling so I purchased this product. EVERYTIME I took a capsule I immediately had to run to the bathroom (sorry for the graphic details) but this stuff is like taking 3 diaretic pills at once! Not for me...but their customer service was great and refunded my money in full. I was SO disappointed because I thought I had finally found something that would address severe low metabolism, cortisol problems etc. I didn't have a chance to find out because I was so dehydrated. I would not recommend this product at all.

  • brianasophie - ABSOLUTELY NO...

    Before you go and blow all your money on this product, let me be the one to tell you this company is full of it... I hadn't been able to write a review because they took the product off right after my supply was over. This stuff is crap. The reviews are MOST LIKELY FAKE and I've officially gone out of my way to spare all of you. Don't blow your money on this when you can purchase something better. The economy is messed up, people are trying to make money, and I sure hope no one purchases from these people again. By the way; strawberry flavor? They're full of it. It tasted and smelled like chicken bouillon.