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Blue Cross Complete | Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plans - Get information about the Healthy Michigan Plan and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's Blue Cross Complete Medicaid plan.

  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/resources/contact-us.html Contact Us | Blue Cross Complete - Do you have questions about Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan coverage? You'll find our phone number, address and other useful contact information here.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/benefits/blue-cross-complete.html Understanding Your Blue Cross Complete Benefits | Blue Cross Complete - Want to know more about how to use your Blue Cross Complete benefits? Read about the plan here.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/benefits/healthy-michigan.html Understanding Your Healthy Michigan Benefits | Blue Cross Complete - Want to know more about how you can use your Healthy Michigan benefits? Read about the plan here.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/benefits/michild.html Understanding Your MIChild Benefits | Blue Cross Complete - Want to know more about how to use your MIChild benefits? Read about the plan here.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/benefits/special-health-care-services.html Understanding Your Children's Special Health Care Services Benefits | Blue Cross Complete - Learn more about resources for children and some adults with special health care needs and Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan coverage.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/pharmacy.html Pharmacy Benefits | Blue Cross Complete - If you're a Healthy Michigan Plan or Medicaid member, you can learn more about what prescription drugs we cover here.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/resources/transportation-services.html Transportation Services | Blue Cross Complete - With your Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan coverage, you can get transportation to the doctor's office for your appointment or to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription. Learn how.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/resources/links.html Links | Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan | Blue Cross Complete - Use these state and county resources to get more information about Medicaid and the Healthy Michigan plan.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/resources/advance-directive.html Advanced Directives | Blue Cross Complete - Learn more about advanced directives and how to set one up if you're a Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan member.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/resources/about.html About | Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan | Blue Cross Complete - Learn more about Blue Cross Complete and the services we offer to Michigan residents.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/your-health/health-resources-and-programs.html Your Health Resources | Blue Cross Complete - See the chronic condition management, children's special health care and other programs and services we have for Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan members.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/your-health/programs-parents-guardians.html Programs for Parents and Guardians | Blue Cross Complete - We offer resources, support and information for women, soon-to-be-parents, infants and children in our Medicaid plan or the Healthy Michigan Plan.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/find-doctor.html Find a Doctor, Pharmacy, Dentist | Blue Cross Complete - Use our online tools to find a health care provider that accepts your Blue Cross Complete Medicaid plan or Healthy Michigan Plan.
  • http://mibluecrosscomplete.com/medicaid.html Medicaid That's Completely Blue | Blue Cross Complete - Learn more about Medicaid and the Healthy Michigan Plan, how to find out if you're eligible, and what to do if you want to enroll.

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