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  • Judi W - Love this thing! No worries about burning the house down.

    I have a flat iron that doesn't have auto off and I quite often forget to unplug it when I go to work. Finally decided to join the Internet of things and I am so happy I did. This was super easy to set up and link to my Echo and I just get a kick out of controlling it that way. I've left the flat iron on at least twice since I bought this plug and it was really nice to be able to turn it off remotely with my iPhone. It does feel a little warm at all times and I'm sure it has a tiny cost associated with the LED light but it's so worth the peace of mind! Really happy with this.

  • Tammy - Great for the price!

    If you are considering getting an in car camera and don't want to spend a fortune then these are worth considering. I've been using two for the last three days and no problems.

  • Brutal Riot Girl - I like her artistic styles

    I see some people on here claim that Gaga has lost her way, some people don't seem to understand that artists don't have to stay the same, that they evolve or even just try something creatively different. As people we never remain the same, we all change, evolve, we might even figure out that we don't like our new selves and go back to our old self.I am personally judging her new album as such, New, I'm not compairing it to her older work. Not everyone has to like it, it is a great album in my opinion.

  • arati johnston - Terrible support for defective product

    I bought this a month or so ago and it just died on me. Amazon is washing their hands of it saying "not our problem". Fitbit appears to be on summer vacation as their support is non-existent. Bad marks for both of you. Don't buy this defective product as it seems amazon and fitbit do not stand behind it.

  • Kathleen ballard - I wasn't convinced it would be worthwhile

    I've enjoyed my first week, watching more movies than I have in the last 12 months. Plenty of selection available. A+ score from me.