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  • Bonnie - No Problems!

    No problems dealing with the vendor...order arrived on time! Have used this vendor before and will plan on using in future also.

  • K. Byrnes - Great bag!

    My husband definitely needed a new golf bag. I don't know much about golf so trusted the reviews written here. The bag arrived very quickly with fast shipping from Amazon. This is a great looking bag with lots of space and spots for all of your golf items. We bought the black bag and it looks very classy out on the course!

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    I have been doing tax cut for years. I must say that some of those years were VERY frustrating to get a decent download of the program. I definitely would have quit them, but there was too much information that I needed to carry forward in to the next year. Amazon resolved all of that. The download was easy to understand, worked great and cost a bit less. From my experience....THE ONLY WAY TO GO

  • Jared F. - Great 42" TV at a great price

    Great 42" TV at a great price! A much improved upgrade over our cheap black Friday Samsung 32" TV. I have regretted that TV from day one (horrible sound and extremely wobbly base) but have loved this TV. One of the best selling points for a TV in this price range is the sound. We are very impressed with the sound, especially compared to our other Samsung TV that just died. We live in student housing and cant afford a sound bar or speaker system, so a TV with good sound was a key factor and we watch a lot of movies. We can actually hear dialog during movies and the sound is clear. The base is very solid (although wide, make sure your TV stand is at least 36.5" wide). The color and picture is great on this TV. The grey boarder has a nice metallic finish to it as well. This TV is also pretty thin. Half the thickness of our 32" Samsung. Over all, I can recommend a better TV at this size and this price.

  • C. Wilson - If you can stand the smell of strong moth balls

    The product does work, but only for certain snakes. The deal breaker for me is that it gives off a very strong smell of mothballs. Mothballs themselves would probably work if you ground them up. They cost more than the Snake Away. We unknowingly put it where the fumes could get into the house via the air handler and it was pretty awful until the stuff wore off.