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  • MEDTING | Case | Esclerosis Múltiple Remitente-Recurrente - José Abad Valle - Esclerosis MĂșltiple Remitente-Recurrente - DATOS PERSONALES Paciente de sexo femenino de 42 años de edad diagnosticada de Esclerosis Múltiple Remitente-Recurrente de 5 años de evolución con tratamiento farmacológico Avonex (interferón ß- 1A) En los últimos años los brotes han sido más frecuentes y han dejado algunas secuelas ANTECEDENTES MÉDICOS: -... - 1392757421 - JosĂ© Abad Valle
  • MEDTING | Case | Acute Fasciolosis - Enrique de la Vega - Acute Fasciolosis - INTRODUCCIÓNLa fasciolosis es una zoonosis producida por el trematode Fasciola hepatica En Chile se encuentra ampliamente distribuida en el ganado de abasto siendo la VII Región la más afectada1 Las prevalencias de infección humana descritas para las provincias de esta región son: 0,6% en Curic&oacute 0,75% en... - 1353624612 - Enrique de la Vega - Infection by Fasciola - Trematode - Zoonosis

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  • bkayf - Purposeful for price

    For the price this was a good purchase. If you don't add enough water it doesn't work right. Through a couple trial/error's I figured this out. I was having to start/stop it and finally figured out that I needed to add just a tad more water than what the directions called for. Have no troubles now. Price was good, too.

  • gman - may help with thinning hair.....?

    i love this stuff. i originally got it from a hair stylist because she thought it might help with a thinning patch on the top of my head. not that it is a hair replacement shampoo, but that it would make your scalp healthier and therefore hair follicles happier along with the hair they grow thicker and stronger. I didn't have dandruff before, but i did get some intermittent itching, but since starting to use this shampoo that has all but stopped. my wife actually started using it to clean her hair after she ran out of her own shampoo. she felt like it was able to clean all the buildup from other shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products she uses on a regular basis. she liked it so much we got this large bottle so both of us can use it. so far so good, and i will say it seems that less hair falls out as well

  • killthebananas - Too harsh

    Too harsh for my hair! I bought this to try when I first started the curly girl method. I don't really like it, because it always leaves my hair feeling dry and coarse. I much prefer aloe or a lightweight conditioner for scalp cleansing.

  • cndygrl - perfect for when you didn't plan ahead and put enough ...

    works well! perfect for when you didn't plan ahead and put enough bottles in the fridge. I've used it for cans, small bottles, wine bottles, etc. it's easy to use and an absolute must (especially in the summer!)