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  • Charlene - Promised Free Access Not Free

    I just purchased the 2011 Family Tree Maker for the PC, and was promised three months of free access to, which did not happen. I got nothing for the purchase. They should not make such promises if it isn't true. The price for the sign-up per month is very expensive. I found free information and access at two Mormon sites, so I do not need the account. The FTM works, at least, but each time they announce "an update" to my genealogy on the account at, there is no access to it unless I sign up and pay.

  • Mike McGowan - Great interactive plush my son will not put down!!

    Just came back from long weekend visiting my brother and his 2 yr old daughter. She had this Harry plush, and my 3 yr old would not put it down. There are like 6 or 7 buttons to push with all sorts of different things. Counting, ABC,s, greetings, like Hello & Good Nite, etc.

  • N. Luchsinger - The last first world problem is solved.

    This works exactly as they claim. Also makes a hilarious-yet-useful gift. The only real question is whether this is actually a problem worth solving. At home, maybe not. At work, I would happily take a small pay cut if they stocked every bathroom with these.

  • Holt - Non-evasive Anti-Virus

    We have used Kaspersky now for a couple of years. I had some trouble this year upgrading one of our laptops. Eventually had to call in to tech support to resolve, which was somewhat of a trying experience. However, the fact that Kaspersky is less invasive than other anti-virus software means that I will continue to buy.

  • Missslyssa - Beautiful seat

    This is the best looking car seat out there. The padding is thick and my daughter really seems so much more comfortable than in our last seat. We downsized vehicles so really appreciate that front to back the seat takes up less of the passenger side room (rear-facing). We have a Prius and even my husband can sit in the front seat comfortably. The seat is taller than our old seat too putting my daughter sitting higher which seems to give her a better view. I thought the side impact head part would bother her since it's so much narrower and sticks out farther than our old seat but it hasn't bothered her a bit. Though it can mess up her hair if they are in pig tails. But she gets way less floppy head action when falling asleep so that's a plus too.