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  • Drafthorsemom - Great Product

    This came within two days from when ordered and was in perfect condition. It was easy to mount and connect according to my husband and he was spreading seed on the farm the next day.

  • Eric Lee - Get this ball

    I was initially concerned about buying this ball. I had read good things, but was unsure if I could like this ball as much as the Molten Pro Touch. I played with it the other day for the first time and immediately noticed how easy it was to pass, set, and hit. This is a hitters ball! The other thing you immediately notice is how easy this ball is to see and how well this ball floats and sets - no more bad sets! This ball is softer than the Pro Touch/Super Touch yet it plays just as hard. It feels like genuine leather not "plasticky" like I've read in some reviews. The group I generally play with is a diverse group of players and not a single person (from AA to near terrible) complained about this ball. If you are on the fence about this ball, take the won't regret it.

  • Simple Phone User - My Grade: A

    I think it would be good to remember that you are just buying a technology and not necessarily a phone service. If you are comfortable solving your own minor problems either through internet searches or their chat room, then you should be okay. Their advertising claims held true for me.

  • Karin D. - Flimsy, bent when heated, cooked unevenly, terrible waste of money!

    This is the worst cookie sheet I have ever owned! I bought it because of being stainless steel instead of aluminum, but oh my word is this thing a terrible, cheaply made piece of garbage! The second the heat in the oven hit it, it warped, leading to a mess in my oven. It cooked very unevenly which led to both raw and burned items in the same session. It was much thinner than I anticipated, and I regret spending money on it. I would have had better cooking success using just foil. ugh!!

  • C. D. Moen - Don't buy this!

    I ordered this product, but did not install it until quite awhile after receiving it. I wish I had got right to it because it's too late to return it. I have owned previous versions of Nero and was pleased with it. My new computer is more capable and running Windows 10, so I decided to upgrade. It worked the first time I used it, then I ran updates. Now it crashes while analyzing a disc and you have to reboot the computer to be able to eject the disc. It seems this has been a problem since Windows 8 came out. Contact with Nero AG has been useless. Nero 2016 is now available and maybe this issue has been fixed, but I will not be a repeat customer again.

  • David P. - Dont buy this product

    Try to down load then it gives you an error message code 30088-4 and sends you to the web for a fix. The fix is to uninstall Microsoft office. I did not want to do this and lose my outlook set up and the days work that had not been backed up on the external hard drive. So i look for the e-mail from amazon and all my Microsoft office had already been removed. So i went through the procedures to uninstall office and install publisher but the other office products did not reinstall like tech support said they would. So i went to the back up and reinstalled office publisher was not installed. Call tech support followed there instructions went through the same procedures with the same resalts. but this time i cant reinstall from the external back up. So now i am stuck with out outlook to check email, Excel to do my reports no word or power point. Good by Microsoft and Windows 8.1 i will by an apple tomorrow. but not form Amazon