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  • Timothy J. Burrill - Abbott is Questionable

    Abbott's lack of announcement about this 25% increase in cost of their product shows an alarming disconnect between their company and their customers. Many of us stretch our already tight budgets because our children need this product. A 25% increase has significant impacts on a consumer and I can only imagine how a 25% increase in cost would impact their business. While price changes are often needed, it is the underhanded, deceitful and quite frankly unethical change by Abbott that concerns me most. They are out of touch with the economy, the consumer and most importantly, ethical business practices.

  • Patti S - Basal Cell

    I had a basal cell that the dr cut out once but didnt get it all so it started coming back around the scar site. Of course the dr suggests cutting an even larger area so not looking forward to that, i went home and looked for natural alternatives. I read an article about using Vitamin C crystals and minerals curing cancer. Basal cell is slow growing so I had nothing to loose by putting vitamins and minerals on it for 2-3 weeks. I went to the health food store and got the vitamin c crystals and was looking for a liquid mineral to dissolve the crystals in and the lady at the store suggested Cell Food. It was $30 but I would spend more than that on a copay so I got it. The combo caused the cancer to oxidize and scab. I was putting it on my entire chest and the combo only oxides active cancer cells so it caused a c shaped scab around the original scar and about 2 millimeters away from the scar a couple of small spots opened up. The minerals and vitamin c burn quite a bit but I kept applying for 2 weeks. At some point it started looking pussie so i cleaned with hydrogen peroxide before applying the vitamins and minerals and three weeks into the treatment, the scab fell off and i just have pretty pink skin. If anyone has ever had basal cell, they know the sore never heals so I am confident this spot is totally healed. I will go back to the dr for a check up (because my husband wants to be sure) but I am not in a hurry. The article I read on the vitamin c and minerals was from a medical journal study.

  • Amazon Customer - Great game

    Pretty good gameplay and controls. Some of missions require upgrades that take time to earn money for but over all, very nice game.

  • Angela J. Star - On the course to significant recovery

    This book will really help you if you are like me. Someone with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, allergies (food and environmental) plus all the other symptoms associated with them. It starts with your gut. I'm just starting this journey but I think I have finally hit on the course that will bring me significant recovery.

  • kratosdivine - Amazing quality and deal on HDMI Cables!

    These cables are excellent HDMI cables. They arrive promptly and work perfectly. I ordered these to use to connect a PS4 and a computer to my TV. The pictures are clear and precise, and there's virtually no detectable lag (which I've experienced with cheaper varieties of these cords). The cord length allows for great flexibility in the arrangement of my setup, too. I highly recommend these cords to anyone looking for them. There's no need to spend $20+ on one "deluxe" or "high quality" cable when this option is equally good and only $9 for two.

  • why waste your money - Intuit does not want you to buy from Amazon or other retailer

    The Payroll enhansed will not work if you are already using payroll enhansed. When you call support they will tell you that a communication error, and need 3 hours of tech support that you have to pay for. But if you reactivate the enhansed online with quickbooks $389 then everything works perfectly no errors. Quickbooks is trying to discourage people from buying from other retailers. I returned it and will do payroll manuelly I will not be blackmailed every year by Intuit

  • Dan Glover - What a way with words

    I don't normally read poetry. This book was recommended to me by James Patterson (yes, that James Patterson), however, so I thought if he got something out of it, who am I to argue?