What is malaria - How to treat and prevent malaria? - Malaria, disease caused by infection with single-celled parasites of the genus Plasmodium. Anopheles mosquitoes transmit these parasites from one person to another in their bites. Malaria is characterized by periodic bouts of severe chills and high fever.

  • Quelle est la malaria - Comment prèvenir et traiter la malaria? - La malaria, la maladie causée par l'infection avec les parasites simples-celled du genre Plasmodium. Les moustiques d'anophèle transmettent ces parasites d'une personne à un autre dans leurs morceaux. La malaria est caractérisée par les accès périodiques de fraîcheurs sévères et de haute fièvre.
  • Wie ist Malaria - Wie man verhindert und malaria behandelt? - Malaria, Krankheit, die durch Infektion mit einzeln-zelligen Parasiten der Klasse Plasmodium verursacht ist. Fiebermücke-Moskitos übersenden diese Parasiten von einer Person zu einem anderen in ihren Bissen. Malaria wird durch periodische Anfälle von der strengen Kälte und hohes Fieber charakterisiert.
  • Qual é malária - Como prevenir e tratar malária? - Malária, doença causada por infecção com parasitas monocelulares do gênero Plasmodium. Os mosquitos de Anopheles transmitem estes parasitas de uma pessoa ao outro nas suas mordidas. A malária é caracterizada por encontros periódicos de frios severos e alta febre.
  • Cuál es malaria - Cómo prevenir y tratar malaria? - Malaria, enfermedad causada por infección con parásitos unicelulares del género Plasmodium. Los mosquitos de Anopheles transmiten a estos parásitos de una persona al otro en sus mordeduras. La malaria es caracterizada por ataques periódicos de frialdad severas y fiebre alta.
  • Qual è la malaria - come prevenire e trattare la malaria? - La malaria, la malattia causata da infezione con parassiti di cellula sola del genere Plasmodium. Le zanzare d'anofele trasmettono questi parassiti da una persona all'altro nei loro morsi. La malaria è caratterizzata da incontri periodici di freddi severi e febbre alta.

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    After bleaching and bleaching and bleaching and processing my hair nonstop. This product is awesome. No it is not going to fix your hair 100%. It does however help a ton when you have over-processed your hair to the point where it is just a mess from bleaching and on lightening. It definitely helps. Recommend washing your hair only 2 to 3 times weekly, no more as shampooing your hair damage is it more. Use this product once a week or as it is directed, do not heat or blow dry your hair on a daily as it damages more, let it dry naturally. Your hair may not be in perfect shape but it will be so much better. When I used it one time I could not believe the difference.

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    OMG!!! This stuff really works just like it says it will. Have treated both my decks; my parents did their decks too. The decks continue to brighted up each time it rains on them!!! Very easy to use!! I will use this every year!!

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    I wish it was true to size but it is not. It does fit me but I wanted a looser fit. Also it is thicker material than most out there so it isn't sheer like the ones I have seen.

  • IMHO - Wished they worked but they didn't

    I put these out around my horse's stall to prevent mice from getting into the hay bin. The mice seemed unaffected and scurried around the areas where I had placed these bags! I tried placing one under the bin at first, saw the mice running right along it, placed another bag and saw the mice running alongside the bags, then placed another--making it three bags--and saw mice running around. They did not seem confused and they certainly knew enough to climb into the bin! Sorry, this didn't work for me. (By the way, the bags were in dry conditions so they did not get wet.)