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  • David Ingram - Must have for DIY projects.

    I have used this so much for DIY projects. The jig comes unassembled, but just a few small nut and bolts complete the install. Included drill bit is sturdy and sharp. Easy product to use, and foolproof hole boring. I have even let my 3 yeR old son cut some holes to "help daddy" with diy projects (holding the drill for him of course).

  • Ms. Le Chat - Excellent!

    High quality, easy to chew, not gritty or chalky, nice subtle flavor, not too sweet. My husband and I take one of these twice a week for our B12 - we are both over 50, so need a good source of easily assimilated B12, and I am a vegan, which means I also would need to supplement even if I were under 50. 1,000 mg/week of this form of B12 is more than adequate, according to top nutritionists and specialists in vegan and over-50 nutritional requirements. We don't take any other supplement, as research indicates nutritional supplements are simply unnecessary and potentially damaging. We eat a well-rounded, mostly plant-based (husband) diet.

  • SReeves - Webroot Support

    What I really loved when installing this is that I e-mailed Webroot support & they e-mailed me back within just a few hours. They walked me through every step of fixing my problem, and were very prompt on their replies. Another thing I loved is that they gave me step-by-step directions and asked me to let them know if that helped or not. I would definitely recommend this program, I've been using Webroot ever since I got my laptop and it works great.

  • Robin. Vaughan - Really helped me

    Bought these because I was getting mucus on my lungs and tubes, after any meal. I've had acid reflux for many years and found out that is due to the asthma inhalers, I have used since childhood. They are the cause of the acid reflux and constant problems with that over the years, seems to have caused some scarring at the base of the esophagus. That's why I have been suffering with the mucus every time. It's all related.

  • F. M. Alibrahim - Great product

    Really great natural product. Whenever you feel discomfort with passing urine, go for this and feel the immediate relief.

  • Sun P. Kwok - Product Key didn't work, Unable to Activate

    We bought this directly from Amazon instead of some of the other options We've had problems in the past with 3rd party Windows software purchases. The software loaded just fine but the Product Key provided would not activate. Sent back to Amazon for a replacement, if this doesn't work we'll have to get it from somewhere else.

  • juffie - converted this unbeliever

    Luckily an Amazon dealer sent me a sample of this with a perfume order or I would never have discovered it. I've never liked or used foundation - skin-clogging, wrinkle-magnifying, plaster looking stuff on my face. As a result my skin has not had good sun protection, and as rosacea increased with age, it's! always just looked that bit blotchy. But this, this is a miracle no exaggeration. It makes my skin look, and just as importantly feel wonderful. It looks like I've been airbrushed for a magazine cover, only in real life! I use it every day and will never again be without this silky invisible miracle!