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  • Sue Weaver - Discoveries From Animal Studies, That Translate Into Curing Disease In Humans, Through Nutrition

    The overall information is very good. I wasn't so interested in the veterinarian background. Dr. Wallach is also a Naturopathic Doctor as well, and, although his discoveries were from working with animals and how some diseases can be cured through his discoveries, It was more interested in the outcomes and how his discoveries can help humanity.

  • ElizaW - Definitely has helped me!

    I have ADHD and am so incredibly restless (internally and externally). I take a prescribed stimulant medication twice a day and have for years. During summer I try to give myself a slight break and take my medicine once a day but that often still leaves me too restless at bedtime (8 hours of 1 million thoughts/tossing and turning and 0 hours of sleep). My Mom suggested this little gem and it works wonders. I take it right before bed and it makes me pretty sleepy. If you need some help falling asleep try this stuff out, it might work for you too!

  • Wayne - Bad Design

    Useless Mop. Rusts at the connection where the mop head connects. It works well, when it's not rusted to shreds. They need to redesign it for efficiency and durability. I need to buy one once a year easily. not my kind of mop. Try one one, but believe me it will rust to shreds. Buyer Beware.

  • Ralph Wood III - Arrived quickly and it''s a real good camcorder.

    Arrived quickly and it''s a real good camcorder...Mine came with a battery that needs some charging before using but it doesn't come with a memory card which you have to have...I would highly recommend this camcorder to anybody....

  • Mike - Works as advertised - finally solved our wifi woes

    For years we battled with wifi coverage in our home, and have tried multiple solutions that never seemed to suit all our needs. Some forced us to use multiple SSIDs while others used the electrical outlets but were slow. We looked at all the proposed mesh wifi products on the market and the Orbi seemed to be the best fit. We set the router up on the side of the house where the cable connection comes in and the satellite in the middle of the house. So far it has been working great!

  • Brian M. Edwards - Reliable, With a Few Bugs

    I reviewed a previous version for the Vine program a few years ago and liked it so much I have been using it ever since. It is reliable in the sense that it seems to catch all viruses etc but is a little buggy. I installed it on my new Lenovo WIndows 8 laptop and it would not stay on autopilot mode ( basically a hands free mode where it looks after your laptop and does its own updates and maintenance without me having to do anything) however on their website, it recommended uninstalling and reinstalling the latest (kit) version which I did and it solved all my problems. If you do this, when you uninstall the old version, choose the option that tells Bitdefender you plan to reinstall the same or newer version, it will remember your serial number so you don't have to re-enter it!

  • KJang - Smells funky

    I have bleach damaged asian hair which I am trying to grow out so I can chop off the damaged hair. I am using the Mane n' Tail shampoo (which REALLY works!!!!) and thought I should give this a try since it's the same line. But the first thing I noticed was the awful smell. I thought this product had gone bad, but when I read the other reviews, other people commented on the smell as well. I am sorta sensitive to smell, for example, if I go to Sephora and try sampling more than 4 different perfumes, I will get a headache and feel nauseous. I could not try out this product long enough to see the results because of the smell. But if you are not too sensitive to smell, maybe you should give it a try. The shampoo definitely works, maybe this does too?