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Long Beach Drug Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The Long Beach Drug Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

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  • Scott Goeller - Works great!

    Cannot be more happy. Great product! Light weight, easy to use, battery operated, great edger! love it! Never thought I would be excited about a trimmer.

  • Mamafoosa - This baby spaceship is amazing.

    We haven't had this very long, so I intend on coming back to update this review in the future, but wanted to share how much we initially love this. Our 6 week old wouldn't tolerate the swing one bit, has reflux, and is generally super fussy. We put her in this thing AWAKE and she sat there, smiling, while I got stuff done around the house. She would have NEVER done that with the swing. The mamaroo is so soothing, it puts her to sleep. I wear her a lot and love it, but sometimes I need a break or time to help my 2 year old and this thing is awesome. So far, it's worth every penny.

  • Neil - An obvious choice

    Reading this book from cover to cover is probably more valuable than attending most MBA programs, though I bet only a handful of people have done it.

  • ellafan - Cooks like a dream...but cylindrical plastic tower/tub...

    ...doesn't last. I used my first NW oven for a year.Very,very happy with it. Easy to use.Cooks all manner of food wonderfully well. I have no problems with performance. However,I had to replace the plastic(acrylic?) "tub" because the first one simply broke. I did nothing to damage it.I just fell apart one day. So I ordered a second "tub." Which worked great for about 6 months,then it too, just fell to pieces. Both tubs had been taken good care of. I don't understand why they broke! I am very sad because I so loved my NW and told all of my friends about how much I loved it. But now...I guess I will have to go to a stainless steel toaster oven. Stainless steel will be harder to break.

  • Marcia - goox tv witbout cable

    Got 38 channels after hookup. Network channels were what I was hoping for. One was a bit pixelated. Some good channels, some bad, but happy over all. Much better than payinv cable rates,

  • Frank Rich - Best invention for removing mucus - Ever!

    The people who are saying it doesn't work, I am not sure what they are doing. This is an excellent product and very helpful to remove mucus from the little ones who can't really blow it out. I run a daycare and have recommended it to many of our parents. Many swear by it and I do as well.It helps keep them healthy and that keeps germs out of our program. Just hook the attachment to the hose of a simple canister vacuum. Nothing fancy. It only takes a few seconds per nostril for this to work. Yes, saline drops would help to thin out the mucus but not essential. The good news, you never have to touch anything yucky. It washes right in the sink. Then you just use a cotton swab with alcohol to kill any germs. You could even use vinegar. I'm telling you it is the neatest thing since sliced bread. You won't regret using it - I promise! BTW, some of the 3 year olds ask for it when they have a cold. They love getting rid of all that stuff in their nose.

  • S. Nelson - Will buy again next year!

    I like the ability to color instead of doodle when I am on the phone waiting on hold for making appointments. The calendar is great to keep our busy family on schedule. Folds flat that makes it easy to write in.