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Lloredaconsultores : :: Herman Lloreda:: - Hasta lo corrido del año 2009 hemos gestionado alrededor 8 mil millones de pesos en recursos de crédito para el sector agropecuario. Contáctenos, gane tiempo y dinero optimizando sus procesos en la gestión de recursos de crédito para su empresa, Permítanos atenderlo y ofrecerle las mejores alternativas de financiación.

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  • Drew D Hofler - Great case...minor annoyance

    Great case for the iPad Pro and the pencil holder is why o bought it. Very convenient, holds the pencil so it doesn't get lost. Cover is nice and thin too. Only downside is that when held normally with the home button on the bottom, and the opening hinge on the left, the pencil holder is on the right (as it should be) but the tip of the pencil is at the TOP. Which means that you have to pencil over every time you put it away or take it out. A minor annoyance, but one you would think would have been thought about in design. Other than that, I love it.

  • Deidre Lin - Great book for people just starting out ...

    I've been oil pulling for years off and on. When I first started out, there were no books on the market to guide and help with this remedy. This book bridges that gap and very successfully.

  • Go Bears!! - Best shave cream I've tried yet.

    This is a review for the 5oz Lavender cream. I have only been using a safety shaver and brush for 3 months but have tried 4 different shave creams and this is the best.Luxurious, rich, and absolutely fantastic smelling.I cannot say enough about how much i like this cream and how wonderful it smells.It works great for my sensitive skin and look forward to using it everyday.

  • FreaknMissy - It's okay.

    Well, I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and I am not sure what I think about it. I don't know if it really is a "Fight" for falling, breaking hair. I feel like it smells like the familiar Fructis smell, but it sort of feels "heavy" and makes my hair seem flat. I don't know if it is truly preventing my hair from falling or anything like that. I bought it because I thought it would be a good deal and it seems okay. My hair feels clean, but just looks a little flat. I would probably not purchase this again but would rather buy the regular Fructis shampoo as it always made my hair feel fuller and wavier.

  • Mahogany - Go Ahead and Get It! :)

    I'm not one for hype, but this product truly works. It keeps my hair nice and strong and the length I've acquired since I first started using it is incredible. It's also the only thing that keeps a small area on the bottom back section of my head from breaking off. I stopped using the product for about 6 months last year and the breakage started up again. Suffice it say, I use it frequently now and I'll never stop. It won't work overnight so, you have to consistently use it. If you do, you'll see results!

  • Sherry Martolock - DO NOT ORDER!!

    This program sounds good but once you get them on the phone they start throwing in extras for no charge and your credit card is charged one charge after another. They will not stop charging your account stating you okayed these charges. It is a credit card nightmare. These people are smooth talkers. When I called I was on phone 30 mins. With them adding more cd's for free that they charged me for and several times I said I don't want to order I changed my mind because I knew this didn't feel right. But finally fell for it and trusted I would get full refund after filling out Survey. Then I see charges on credit card I didn't know what they were for and can't get them off. I finally returned survey and made copy sent through post office for signed delivery and received a refund of some of the charges. They still want to continue charging me for Calm Parent program at $49.00 a month. So I stopped my credit card. Please don't put yourself through this nightmare like I did.