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  • Amazon Customer - So Gentile!

    I love how gently this scrub exfoliates. Most products I've used have irritated my skin, but Simple Sugars never has. Would definitely recommend.

  • Krista Y - This center console was amazing for my scion xD

    This center console was amazing for my scion xD. The storage was great and it was a great fit that looked like it belonged in the car.

  • *Hobby* - Good Machine but Somewhat Limited

    I bought this squat machine with the intent of getting some serious leg and buttock exercise while taking it easy on my knees which had gotten more painful in recent years. For that goal, I am pleased with the machine. It's reasonably sturdy and has enough weight capacity for a decent workout. That said, it does have some shortcomings and nuisance issues that decrease its potential value. While I find the angled platform great for reducing knee stress, it's a little too narrow in my opinion and I am taking the entire width up while wishing for the ability to take a slightly wider stance. Another 12 inches of width and a slightly more solid mount would have been greatly appreciated. The lever used to lock the shoulder assembly in the upper position is, as someone else reported, a real hassle to operate easily. After 8 workouts with the machine, I still have trouble releasing the lever. Replacing the lever at the end of a set is a little better but still far from being as simple and smooth as it should be. Although some of the information I saw indicated that the weight capacity was as high as 800 lbs, the bars holding the weights are far too short for that unless you have some 100 lb. plates. There's no way to load more than six 45 lb. plates on each side so 540 lbs. is about all you can expect. That's probably more than enough for me as I only use 250 lbs. currently but it's still a major limitation in my mind. Another 3 inches of bar length on each side would be about right. As for the calf capability, it's a little too limited in stance and exercise options to be a really capable calf machine. It's definitely better than nothing and gives you a lot of stability but it's not anyhing to rave about.