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  • Suzy H. - Almost perfect

    I love UPPAbaby and this organizer fits nicely on the stroller. I like the zipper pocket as well - very handy for cash or cards. My only complaint is that the cup holder is pretty small. It will fit a restaurant to-go cup but it's not super sturdy so the cup wobble a little bit. It'd be perfect for a bottle of water. Other than that, it's terrific.

  • University Doc - Starts out great then slows down, but entertaining anyway....

    I looked forward to seeing this film before it was released on DVD. When it begins you wonder where it is going, but once the action starts that is when the film really begins. It starts off with a bang at that time, then, unfortunately slows down, but it is entertaining just the same. The best reason to enjoy it, and also to be afraid of it is that it can happen. Enjoyable. If you're into disaster films, you'll enjoy this one. Either way, it is worth a look. The special effects are mesmerizing to see, especially when you see an aircraft carrier wash shore.

  • Another Customer - Questionable reviews!

    Funny...for the positive posts here, I read almost word-for-word the same reviews on other websites, but the names were different. I see too much variance in these posts to buy this product. Most people gave it a 1 star while others gave it 5 stars. Not very many reviews in the 2 - 4 star range. I think the raving reviews are over stated. 


    One of those books that you cannot figure out who "did it" until the end. Usually, by the middle of a book, I am pretty sure who the villian is. However, not in this book. Carefully woven, and crafted to keep your attention. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who likes "cutting edge" thrillers. READ IT, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, I PROMISE. Pat Lilley, Raleigh, NC

  • Amazon Customer - Very Satisfied!

    I installed the system on a 2012 F 150 XLT. Since the video suggested was exactly my model it was very helpful. Access on this model is pretty simple. Harness is plug and play but for two simple wire connections at the diagnostic port under the lower dash plate. Don't let the wiring diagram provided intimidate you. You really only need the programming instructions. Remember you must have BOTH oem keys for the system to program. There are lots of extra wires on the harness that you won't use. System works with both OEM keys once programmed. You will notice a brief delay upon start sequence but that's just how it operates. Only a few seconds but it might make you think it didn't work when you first use it. I'm very satisfied with it. You won't have to go to a dealer for anything in the programming. This was one of the reasons I decided on this system. It's well done with adequate information for a novice to install as long as you are handy with minor electrical connection and removing a few small screws and clips.