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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Amazon Customer - I highly recommend this product

    I've used Al Cass Valve oil for my trumpet for around 20 years or more and it always worked extremely well. I highly recommend this product.

  • Mat Doughty - Easy Installation & it Immediately went to work!

    I had one laptop that I hadn't used on a regular basis for quite a while. When I finally got around to attempting to "clean it up" ... it was truly NOT loving life. I searched around and just wanted to get a low cost antivirus... in hopes it would take care of some of the issues. I decided on this one because for the cost, the reviews were good. I think I made the right choice! It was SUPER EASY to install, and then it immediately went to work scanning and ended up neutralizing quite a few threats. LOL.

  • A rvwr from SATX - I bought this since I wasn't sure my 2009 version would do all I wanted to do.

    I copied several CD's the other weekend and when I went to play a couple of them, they were horrible. Both started off fine but then one would not go beyond the second track, the other went to the fourth but was choppy from that point on. I thought it was the original disk, but it wasn't - maybe it was just those blank CDs. My other issue was copying a DVD of some family photos, it didn't want to copy the original disk (gave me an error that was too nebulous to discern), but it copied a copy just fine. It may just be me, but whenever I used my Roxio 2009 version I never had any problems whatsoever.

  • Tony Loftis - the last one was for my iPhone 6s and I was extremely pleased with that

    This is my second OtteBox Commuter case, the last one was for my iPhone 6s and I was extremely pleased with that.

  • Leon Weidmann - Bought it for the title song

    Band is better than I remembered as a kid. I went in for surgery last winter and they had me about half sedated as I was going to the or and I kept singing the song until they sedated me all the way.

  • nelson - great

    I love my purchase, I found what I was looking for, the item was the same as the description. Delivery time, communication, item features, and dimensions, everything was awesome thankssssssss

  • Yogagirl - Well I decided to try this first and am very happy to say it works

    Someone suggested I try this on my 3 yr old dog before I paid $400+ to have the vet clean her teeth. The vet told me that only he could clean the tarter off and she'd have to be put under to do it. Well I decided to try this first and am very happy to say it works! She didn't have a lot of tarter to begin with and her gums were perfectly fine. It only took a few days to begin to see it working.