Eating Disorders, Weight Management & Mental Health in Belfast - We are a team of leading professionals in the field of psychological interventions and personal change. Our team includes UKCP accredited psychotherapists, eating disorder clinicians, registered & accredited coaches, nutritionists and holistic therapists.

  • Professional Psychotherapy Training in Belfast - Life Therapies Clinic - Life Therapies Clinic offers UKCP accredited Psychotherapy and NLP training with a dedicated 4 year pathway to UKCP accreditation

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  • Jana - Kindle guidebooks are difficult to use

    while convenient to carry, very difficult to navigate an ebook in the way you need to use a guidebook. The maps are not high enough res to be helpful at all in ebook form. Rick's content is always very helpful, though.

  • Kari G. - Amazing Results!!

    After using these supplements for a little while, it has proven to be an effective supplement to aid in weight loss (when combined with a healthy diet and exercise). I seem to feel satisfied with meals sooner and don't feel hungry as often. I also feel like I have more energy and stamina when I work out. When I've tried other stimulant diet pills in the past, I always felt like my heart was racing and I was very jittery, and I also usually had a headache. I haven't had any of those problems with NutriChem Labs NATURES BURN fat burner pill supplements. I also feel better knowing that this supplement is more natural.