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  • Steven Dam - But Wait

    I am considering buying this product for my wife, but I am holding out in hopes that they create this product "with wings" for this "heavy-writing" days.

  • Tracy - it just looked like my skin took on a different tone

    Seeing all these reviews and I was surprised I had such a similar experience. I was pulled into a store by a man who insisted on trying some products on my skin. Seeing as how I normally have soft hands I could hardly tell a difference and I told him so even if he said there was a definite change. If anything, it just looked like my skin took on a different tone? So he tries on another product but I really don't see the difference. He calls over their specialist. They ask me about the products I'm using. She tells me I have pretty good skin but I have big pores, blackheads, dryness, and oily parts on my face. She tells me I'm going want to be kissing her hands and feet when I've purchased their product and see the results for myself. At this point I'm mildly offended because I think I was supposed to be wowed, but I wasn't. I do have big pores, but I've never had problems with blackheads. Additionally, it was reasonable for me to have dryness and oiliness on my skin because I hadn't washed my face in nine hours since I had classes all day and I usually don't have time to apply toner or moisturizer or makeup because I'd rather sleep an extra 10 minutes (and as a college student, those minutes are precious). I lowkey wanted to point out to her that at least my skin was blemish free while she was not able to hide the bumps under her foundation. Then she tells me she'll give me a special discount and so I'm like cool, free stuff as long as I refer back to the store if the product actually works for me. I misinterpreted slightly, she kept telling me what a great deal I'm getting but the total still came out to be over $80. That's still pretty steep for products I already have anyways and have been working pretty well for me at a fraction of the cost. So I quietly back out with the excuse of needing to think it over because it's not a decision I want to make on a whim and I needed to pick up my mom from work (which wasn't a lie, considering I was only wasting time in the area until I had to pick up my mom). In any case, even if the discount was big, I asked myself why should I pay anything for a product that didn't do anything for me during the demonstration?

  • Rosh - I wouldn't fire up my computer without this antivirus

    I teach for a major University with more than 40,000 students at our schools. I get free IT of the highest caliper. We all get free antivirus. My IT team suggested I plunk down the small cost for Norton and forgo the free system offered by the school. That was 3 years ago, and each year I renew my subscription to Norton. Seriously, if you have a PC, THIS is real protection, real support and peace of mind.

  • DON PEDRO - A worthy product at much less cost!

    The unit perfectly fits my Camry without too much hassle installing it. The connectors were fully supplied and the connections came in plug and play.

  • Shutterbug35 - Changes in Interface are Confusing

    I have always enjoyed using family tree maker. I have more than 500 people organized and have been adding little bits of history. This version of FTM updated an older one that I was using and had got familiar with. The user interface changes were very dramatic and it took me a long while getting used to the interface, Broderbund had kept the interface simple. Now I have a lot of features and a very cluttered Microsoft like interface that is bewildering. I also lost some of the features that I had gotten used to which produced dense circular layouts that I could put on a wall. Microsoft has got us used to whiplash when they change versions of Office and it was sad to see FTM go that way too. Chances are that the age group using FTM is an older lot and change is definitely harder for our grey haired brethren.

  • Charlie G - YOU WILL BE AMAZED

    CRGPRO LASER LIGHT SHOW. This is my 3rd laser light device and they all have very bright lights and blink , twinkle, fad in and out some have remote controls some don't. The CRGPRO laser can cover 800 square feet with thousands of red and green lights at a distance of 100 yards. In my opinion the CRGPRO without a doubt has the most light points out of any laser light device that I have seen you really have to see this to believe it I can describe it all day long but until you see how many red and green lights this laser sends out it's absolutely incredible. The laser also comes with a remote and a stake to secure into the ground or you hang it by the bracket on the top of the unit. Remember this is a laser so never stare at the device while it is on and never point the laser light into the air. When you begin set up push the stake into the ground and tilt the light toward the ground turn on the lights and slowly lift and remember you can move the laser light closer or further from your home to get the desired coverage.The remote allows you to turn on/off the green or red and have different combinations of blinking , fading and the speed of the blinking and fading and a timer that can be set for 2 up to 8 hours. The device is water proof so don't let bad weather stop your fun. I received my CRGPRO for free or at a discount to write a fair and honest review.My reviews are not influenced by a discount or incentive from a seller.

  • Adam Trang - Worked perfectly!

    I purchased 4 of these for my trip to Hawaii to give as gifts; all of them worked flawlessly. They were easy to use without any significant instruction (kids were able to handle them with ease). We also used these bags multiple times without any significant damage.