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  • Sabrina - Hyper-pigmentation no more!!

    Sorry I took so long to write a review for this FABULOUS product. Where do I began. Well, first of all my skin look amazing after first time use following my derma-roller. It is helping to keep pimples to a minimal and it's working amazing for my hyper-pigmentation. As a woman of color, hyper-pigmentation is our worst enemy, but this product has become my combatant against it.!!! Oh and a little goes a loooooong way. I only squeeze the nozzle once, and it's enough to cover my entire face. Hands down my must have in my beauty regime.

  • Vonita Burke - fuller hairline

    I bought this product because my hairline was very thin. This is my second bottle of Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster. My hair on the sides of my head is noticeably thicker.

  • JandA - It works SO fast! Bye bye pain!!

    My daughter and I have unfortunately had to deal with painful UTIs. After her last trip to the hospital, the physician recommended we purchase AZO and said it will relieve pain quickly. It really is true. Within an hour or two of taking it, the pain is much less and after 5 days or so of taking this, the UTI is completely gone. This is a must have for anyone who has a bladder infection to keep on hand. It's not instant relief, but within hours, you're feeling soooooo much better. They're easy to swallow, no unpleasant taste.

  • Carlito100 - Another Long Time Fan Gone!!!

    I pre-ordered this game very early on and thought to play while on deployment during my down time, then found out I had to have an active internet connection which is impossible out here. I promptly returned the game for refund (thanks Amazon) and have sworn off Blizzard for good, 10 years of waiting for nothing. I hope your greedy bottom line is worth losing a lot of long time fans of the game. Blizzard you'll not get another damn dime of my money, ever!

  • Elizabeth K, NJ - Awesome!

    I was never truly a beer fan until I tried this. I want to try more beers through the system because it takes the bite out of beers from a bottle or a typical pour. I took my machine to a holiday party at my neighbors house and no one wanted to drink their beers if it didn't go through the machine. Not only is it fun to use and a conversation starter, it really does make the beer more flavorful and the head is creamy and drinkable! I bet a chocolate stout through the machine over some ice cream would be insane!

  • DAVID YARICK - Don't waste money

    On my 3rd one all crack by where the filter screws in, poor design on Culligan part. Had FM 15 model and same thing. I have purchased around 5 culligan products and design is terrible,