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  • Cecilia Marcano - Take care of your body

    I was so happy with this product that have recommended to all of my future mom friends. We all agree that is an excellent product for preventing stretch marks and having a really soft skin.

  • Amazonian - Nice but costly to maintain

    Great product but cracked during second use. Mail in warranty service worked and product was replaced at no charge. Problem is it cost $26 to ship to warranty center and this was on us. If it happens again, we'll probably just scrap it.

  • Amy Dru - Great socks but run large

    I wear Vibrams to run in and I wanted some compression socks that I could wear while running. I couldn't find any compression "toe" socks at my local stores. I found these on Amazon and ordered them. They fit larger than other compression socks (I have some to wear for recovery that are not toe socks), so I found that these did not provide the compression that I needed. Fortunately, my husband also runs in Vibrams and these fit him perfectly. He loves them! I think they are great socks as long as you order a size smaller than what you think you need!

  • Jadia - It's good, but it is not beef jerky.

    This is different than beef jerky, but it is super good! Its chewier then jerky, which I didn’t know was possible. It’s slightly sweeter then jerky, which was unexpected and not my favorite thing, because I really like jerky and I was expecting something much more like that. It still tastes super good, just not the same as jerky. My boyfriend loved it though. He’s from England so they have some different meat products over there and a palate really different from the average American’s.

  • L. Anderson - Quid quo pro, a pinch in a pinch

    I've used these patches for many years, but never with this much bulk product and great price. They arrived quickly and I needed them badly (been doing some heavy lifting). The smell is mild compared to some salves, almost pleasant if your perception is also that they are getting to work on your muscle problems. I don't have much body hair, so I only experience a slight pinching sensation when removing them. I haven't experimented with their removal. I would highly recommend these patches barring someone to give you a therapeutic or soothing massage. Here's to your health!

  • Cuckoocat - Arrived after another person had received it and returned it.

    Package arrived, the box obviously retaped by prior recipient. I opened the box to find a return slip from the prior purchaser indicating that the unit did not heat anything and was returned. I din't bother to go any further. I returned the item. The ellers didn't even bother to see what the previous buyer had to say!