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Leslie Beck Nutrition Consulting - Leslie Beck is Canada's leading nutritionist offering nutrition, dieting information, recipes and healthy food ideas. Leslie will inspire you to live well.

  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/book-an-appointment Book an appointment - Fill out our nutrition consulting questionnaire to book your appointment with Leslie Beck. Learn more about nutritional consulting and our services.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/about-leslie/contact-leslie-beck Contact Leslie Beck - As one of Canada's leading nutritionists, Leslie has run a thriving private practice in the heart of downtown Toronto since 1989.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-topics Nutrition Topics - Leslie posts articles to help you make healthy nutrition, lifestyle choices. Learn about diet, exercise, vitamin supplements, food & healthy eating advice.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services Nutrition Services - It used to be that eating right was simply a matter of common sense. Eating less fat and more vegetables were two ways to ensure a healthy diet.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/three-month-weight-management-program 3 Month Weight Management Program - Program Includes: Total of 9 appointments scheduled over 12 weeks (Two 30-minute appointments plus seven 15-minute follow-up appointments) Initial…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/optimal-health-nutrition-counselling-program Optimal Health & Nutrition Counselling Program - Package Includes: Total of 7 visits scheduled over six to 12 months. (Two 30-minute appointments plus five 15-minute follow up appointments.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/nutrition-seminars-and-workshops Nutrition Seminars and Workshops - Looking for a dynamic speaker for a conference, trade show or lunch and learn corporate seminar? Leslie delivers seminars, presentations, and workshops.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/healthy-ways-to-lose-weight Healthy Ways to Lose Weight - Congratulations! You've just made the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and body weight. Learn more about working with Leslie Beck.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/healthy-ways-to-gain-weight Healthy Ways to Gain Weight - We hear so much about the importance of weight loss to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. But for some of us, keeping weight on is a real problem.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/nutrition-services/recommended-portion-sizes Recommended Portion Sizes - The meal plan you received in my office indicates how many servings from each food group you should be eating each day - and how you should combine…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/q-a-with-leslie-about-the-nofail-diet Q & A with Leslie about The No-Fail Diet - How fast will I lose weight on the No-Fail Diet? The No-Fail Diet Meal Plan is designed to help you safely lose up to two pounds each week.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/whats-inside-the-nofail-diet What's Inside The No-Fail Diet? - Chapter 1: Getting Ready to Start the No-Fail Diet Are You Ready to Lose Weight? Why the No-Fail Diet? The No-Fail Diet's Four Keys to Success…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/sample-menu-from-the-nofail-diet-week-3-sunday Sample Menu from The No-Fail Diet: Week 3, Sunday - (For the Level 2 Meal Plan, 1400 calories) Breakfast Breakfast omelet (see recipe) 1 slice of whole grain toast with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) butter or…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/books/sample-menu-from-the-nofail-diet-week-7-tuesday Sample Menu from The No-Fail Diet: Week 7, Tuesday - (For the Level 2 Meal Plan, 1400 calories) Breakfast 1/2 cup (125 ml) hot oat bran cereal with 2 tbsp (25 ml) raisins and 2 tbsp (25 ml) ground…
  • https://lesliebeck.com/about-leslie About Leslie - Leslie's professional background, credentials and years of experience put her at the top of her field. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.
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  • https://lesliebeck.com/articles/2016/10/17/five-ways-to-lose-your-sweet-tooth 5 ways to lose your sweet tooth - Nutrition: Five ways to lose your sweet tooth. We’re hardwired from birth to love sweet tastes and dislike bitter ones.
  • https://lesliebeck.com/foods/pumpkin Pumpkin - Food details: Pumpkin. Long a symbol of harvest and Halloween, beta-carotene packed pumpkins are synonymous with autumn in Canada.

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    this worked SO MUCH BETTER than any gas drop or colic syrup we tried. seriously, our 2 month old daughter would be losing her mind, we would give her this, and within a minute she was calming down. i can not say enough great things about this!

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  • David Jag - 2 kids / 2 years

    Great, durable kids tablet tailored to learning. Bought this 2 years ago for my then-4-year-old. It's been used almost daily since then - not only by her, but her younger sister too. We have built up an extensive library of apps, books, games, and videos and certainly credit LeapFrog with assisting my children as the grow and learn.

  • DreamChaser89 - Key and Wale 😍😍😍😍

    This book was EVERYTHING and more and it has taken me on a journey I can't describe. Nicole don't let nobody tell you them hands are not GIFTED because you got TALENT and can't nobody take that away. I love all your stories and how they are all different and I never could choose my favorite story but I think I just found my favorite story ❤️..."Promiscuous Girl: Keyasia and Wale"... This is a true love story that has captivated my soul I promise the wait was soooooo worth it and I can't wait for the next book to drop...I don't know if it's "21 Questions" or something else but I'm ready for whatever...