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  • silas - WORST PES EVER!!!!!!!! DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!

    how dissapointed i am, i really want to tell everyone that you should not buy this game, i hated FIFA because of this and now PES trying to be FIFA and even worse than FIFA, cant believe how far Konami has gone i was a huge fan of the series Winning Eleven and then Pro Evolution Soccer but now i have no soccer game to play for 2014 :( cant stand to have this game i will trade it today and i have it for 1 week.

  • Janet C. Volzer - very nice folder

    The folder was very nice but after i purchased it I learned that the National Park quarters are very hard to find and my local banks do not get them when issued. I returned the folder.

  • Masha - My favorite

    I love it! I've been using it along with the coconut shampoo for years now, and no matter what else I try, these guys are the best for my hair (thick, long, straight, dry). It makes it easier to comb and I don't get this crazy "just washed my hair" look even if it dries naturally. And the smell, oh god, couldn't be better.

  • Dakota Sunshine - These were for our grandchildren and they are great books. The kids are 8 and 11

    These were for our grandchildren and they are great books. The kids are 8 and 11. They are very interested in national parks and coin collecting.

  • Paige RN - Great product!

    I have been an iced tea drinker for years. This product, in only four days being worn once a day as directed, has made a SIGNIFICANT difference in my teeth. I can't wait to see the final result. Additionally, these have significant staying slipping and sliding like past white strip products. I have experienced sensitivity with previously used whitening products but so far only minor sensitivity experienced (not problematic). I would purchase again without hesitation!!

  • Rachel Wojo - Fresh, easy to read, and authentic!

    I'm not a tv girl, but in the last year while my daughter has battled a terminal disease, we've watched hours of Fixer Upper together on Netflix. I fell in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their ability to laugh at themselves and each other and yet move through life as a team is more than inspiring. The Magnolia Story sweetly reveals the back story to this thriving couple and is such an enjoyable read. Last spring when I was in Dallas on business, I took an afternoon to drive down to Waco and check out the silos for myself. As I read the book this week, I could see and feel my spring rainy afternoon experience all over again on another level. Their keep-going attitude encourages perseverance in tough times! Thanks for sharing your faith and family lessons with the rest of us, Chip & Joanna! #onemorestep

  • Martin - Kaplan LSAT Books

    Kaplan's books and CDs are very good when taken together with there in-class courses. Although the book and CD are OK, the explanations are a bit long and could be put into clearer, more precise wording. It leaves you thinkng you would do better if you took their classes.