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  • A. Bond - Great Feel-Good Read!

    Your mind has incredible power over your success or failure. This book offers a simple yet life-changing strategy for deleting the thoughts that keep you down and reprogramming your mind with positive thinking to reach a new level of victory. Joel Osteen uses truths from the Bible to illustrate how God wants us to live a victorious life.

  • Aimie Abrams - More character development would have made this book better. The twists and turns came too fast for ...

    This book is similar to Gone Girl and Girl On The Train, but it lacks depth. More character development would have made this book better. The twists and turns came too fast for this story to have been plausible.

  • Brien Comerford - Chrissie Hynde Continues To Thrive !

    The ageless Chrissie Hynde continues to release awesome and eclectic Cds as the leader of the Pretenders. "Alone" is uniquely brilliant as it fuses rock, country, rockabilly and soul. Hynde is expertly augmented by several excellent musicians. Her incredible vocals are still intact and she can still sing like a punk rocker and a tender and emotive master of refined ballads. "Alone" does not sound like her exemplary "Stockholm" solo album or the last wonderful Pretenders' " Break Up The Concrete" album. "Alone" might even better and it verifies why Chrissie Hynde is in the rock n roll Hall of Fame.

  • S. Fannin - Bottom line is that it was easy and it worked

    I bought this very specifically to try to fix about 50 scratches on both sides of my wife's car. My toddler "redecorated" with a tree branch. The cuts did not hit bare metal and probably missed the colored layer or at least most of it, but they were everywhere, maybe 20 linear feet of scratches. I washed the car with a garden hose and paper towels and let it dry. Then I followed the directions (I suspect it's important for all possible uses of the kit). I used the included cloth and pressed hard with a small amount of the first polish, one stroke along the scratch to spread the stuff around, and then worked my way nearly perpendicular to the scratch. I didn't know how long it might take to dry, so I limited myself to about 18 inches at a time for the longer scratches. I pressed hard and stopped rubbing when I could no longer see the scratch. Then a light wipe with a damp paper towel until I could see little or none of the polish left. Let dampness dry (a few minutes was all and I had other spots to work on so I rotated). Then I used the second polish,always in very small amounts, first smearing it over where I guessed the scratches had been (they can't be seen a this point), and then buffing with the second included cloth in small circles until it looked shiny instead of cloudy. Since I fixed a few incidental rock scratches and one that looked like a very weak scratch from a parking lot, it actually looked better than before it was attacked. The cloths are kind of destroyed but there's plenty of the polish itself left.