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  • A. Mangini - Exactly what I was looking for

    Exactly what I was looking for. Ships very heavy indeed. Mine had one bottom mounting bolt for a footing really bent from the box getting some really rough treatment during shipping and transport. I had to ask a neighbor if he had a similar bolt and luckily he did. He saved me a trip to Ace Hardware.

  • Terry Schulz - Very good program with a couple significant problems

    I started with MasterCook ~10 years ago. Liked it but it would not work on my then new (2008) 64 bit computer. So I got Living Cookbook in 2008. Generally I like LC better but it has a couple significant problems that prevent if from being 5 stars:

  • Linnette G. - Impressive Lighting!

    Last Christmas I ordered a similar light. My dad is getting older and I really didn't want him bothering with lights or climbing roofs like he used to when I was little. It was an immediate hit. The only problem is that it didn't cover the entire house outside. I knew I needed a second light but figured it would be better to invest in it this year. I am so glad I waited! The light output on this easy to setup device is crisp and detailed. I was quickly impressed with the quality of the casing the different light settings on the remote. I tried this inside the house in a semi dark room and even with additional lights on, I was thoroughly blown away. Last year's lights were good, but these are even better. The remote has options for green or red lights by themselves, together, static display or a flashing display output. There are also time settings so the lights auto shut off after a certain time period. I can't wait to use them outside with my other laser lights. This will be the main unit. The other draw to this item is, of course, the ease of use. This one has a detachable ground stake which is very easy to screw on. The cord is extra long, perfect for outdoor use, and the entire casing is made to withstand unruly weather. Keep in mind, it doesn't snow in Florida, so I'm referring to heavy rain downpour.

  • Teressa Voss-Curry - ... installment in the others of edenton series does not disappoint. It is full of action

    Brandy Rivers' latest installment in the others of edenton series does not disappoint. It is full of action, both steamy and otherwise. The plot never slows down and it keeps you interested from first page to last. My favorite part about this book in particular is the redemption story line. I love that love always gets a second chance.

  • Mark in SC - Not the same product.

    Not the same product that I bought from the Ageless Male website. The capsules were not even coated as the originals were.

  • Marion M - Five Stars

    Great price, great reading. I have been reading this magazine 30 years ago and stopped, resumed again this year!

  • Robotron5000 - Only the red light works and it's none too impressive

    I was really excited to try this light out, and was majorly disappointed to plug it in and see only red lights working. The red lights kind of flicker as they move slowly across the room, but they pattern and colors do not change at all with music, just the same slow moving red lights. Not really pleasant to look at, would not have purchased if it was just one color. I purchased this product at a discounted rate in order to provide an honest review, but even with a discount I'm having buyers remorse.