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  • Carol M Pile - Interesting Stuff

    Pretty much an update to the author's previous books on Mrs. Clinton, and even though i do follow current events, there was information new to me. Anyone who thoughtfully reads this book and votes for Hillary Clinton cannot be a true patriot.

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    For my gaming computers I prefer Kaspersky over Norton, which is more intrusive. Kaspersky Anti-Virus runs quietly in the background, automatically updates itself and never interrupts with inane messages. I highly recommend this product.

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    It took me about an hour to install this, only because i wasn't very familiar with how to strip down the bike. Just remember which bolts go where as it can get confusing with 10+. The install was very straight forward with the provided directions, just swap out the lights and plug in 3 plugs. I would suggest purchasing the seperate splitter and keeping the turn signals, as some people tell me it is hard to tell which direction I'm signaling with just the light. Other than that, this light is amazing. The smoke look on my black bike makes it look awesome and then when I turn the bike on it is bright as anything, at night time it's like I have led strips on the back of my bike because the taillight actually illuminates the ground a few feet around the rear as you are riding. And when you brake, the flashing stop signal is impossible to miss, I can see the flashes reflecting off of the backs of street signs half a mile behind me in my mirrors. Overall amazing product, absolute must have.

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    Listen ladies do not waste your money on this product...I have better results with my OTC products at a fraction of the cost. I am 56 and have nice skin no deep lines and it does not even work for fine lines. Walk away from this one!

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  • J. Wang - Price should reflect product's age

    An outlook is a look ahead to the future. This report looks "forward" to the years 2009 through 2014. Since (as of this review) it's getting close to halfway through 2013, about 70% of this "outlook" has already passed, which means only 30% of it is still a true outlook. Pro-rating the product to 30% of its value would give a price of $148.50.

  • dale - looks good from front

    I was unsure about this grill because of the price but it looks good from straight on, because the ends of the top two grills stick out about 1/2" on each end and you can see it from the side veiw. The bumper grill fits and looks real good.