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  • GailRedd - Fits perfect. Half the price

    The RTIC handle helps me to carry my tumbler around safely. Fits perfect. Half the price, just as nice!

  • adana mayo - I was disappointed with the product

    I used Wipe New and it made the trim on my motorcycle look brand new, for about two weeks, that is. After that, it began to fade and left a streaky appearance behind. I tried fixing it by applying a second coat, but the result was the same. I was disappointed with the product; but, fortunately, I got a refund.

  • C. Foster - I'll let em stick around

    Wish they worked faster. For tough issues I usually just use the salicylic acid liquid to get it started. Pads are nice and adhere well to start then end up coming off with my sock at the end of the day. Don't think it's much of an issue because it stays in place all day, just an observation. Instructions tell you to keep it on for 2 days but I haven't showered with them and certainly don't want to keep removing and then putting it back on. Weird.

  • Albert S - Fantastic product!

    For a long time I have felt my sex lust decreasing, much due to the fact that my wife is getting older and lesser attractive for each year.

  • Meckintosh - Not good, so far..

    I had the head gaskets on a Subaru Forester 2002 replaced a long time ago, about 25,000 miles, and they developed an exhaust leak into the coolant again. It was a very slow leak.

  • Ronald - Does not stay warm

    I used this hand warmer for the first time the other day after owning it for a while in its original package. I was very disappointed after filling up the fluid all the way and lit the burner. The warmer never stayed warm it only gets warm for a little while and never heats up. Perhaps my product is defective.

  • Hunter - THE EGG THING.

    Long story short. Bought new bed few years ago. Turned into alot of mountains and valleys. Had very hard time sleeping and sore. So came home one night and wife had watched a video with hillory from studio c. I watched it and was curious, THE EGG THING CAUGHT MY ATTENTION, so did a bit more research. We bought from amazon, it was delivered a few days later, (need to give credit to delivery guys, these are heavy and awkward). The unwrapping and assembly went very smooth. This was king size and we were prepared for heavy, because of other reviews. The first few weeks I was miserable, my wife was happy. I had bad back pain from bed. She slept wonderfully. That went away in a few weeks. Now I fall asleep and next thing you know its morning, that hasnt happened for years. We both are happy we bought the purple. We have had for two months, if it changes I will update.