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  • T. Joad - No effect

    It's important to note that the ingredients in this product have not shown effectiveness in clinical trials. Perhaps, if they had, it would be moved to the toolbox of mainstream eye doctors. Having a few issues with my eyes, I figured I'd give it a try anyway. At the end of a bottle, taken as directed, I noticed no outcomes whatsoever. While this product be working in some mysterious behind-the-scenes way, that's not what I'm after and it'd be quite expensive to do a long-term trial.

  • Melissa Harris - You NEED this lotion. Period.

    My sister in law turned me on to Gold Bond lotion on a trip to the beach in 2011. I had just shaved my legs and couldn't find my lotion, so she let me borrow hers. I have been a loyal customer ever since! This stuff is AMAZING. I am SO cheap, I can't believe I now regularly pay around $10 for a bottle of lotion, but y'all.. It is SO worth it! It is not greasy at all, just thick and moisturizing. It seriously makes my skin feel like my one-year-old's! And ladies, use it fresh out of the shower after you've shaved your legs and exfoliated with a nice loofah.. You will be amazed at how soft your skin is.

  • Kay A. - This stuff DEFINITELY works!!

    I had a bad case of tinea versicolor on my back that was caused by sleeping in an exceedingly humid dorm room for two semesters. i tried all kinds of medicated shampoos and pills prescribed by the doctor to get rid of it, which did nothing. someone suggested this product in a YouTube comment section and i decided to give it a try. im glad i did :) the soap helped clear it right up.

  • a guy in texas - total waste of money on this

    This thing will not charge batteries to full charge no matter how long or how many times you try to charge them. It will only get them to 40%, I've tried charging to where it says it is done and then redoing it and going through another cycle, same results 40%. Does the same with AA and C cells. I wish I had not bought this particular item. It doesn't work at all for me, total waste of money in my case.