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  • Logan Smith - Knock off alert

    This game is a knock off. If you want to play a game hay lags all the time and is full of made up players because they don't have the rights to the real players by all means go a rad. If yoh want a game that is realistic and at least has legitimate players play FIFA even though it can sucks sometimes too

  • E. WEBB - No more losing my VOIP phone service.

    So far so good.. I've got my wireless router, cable modem, 2 VOIP phone devices, and a cordless phone plugged into the UPS's 5 battery plug-ins.. I powered it on and then unplugged the BRG1000AVR from the wall power outlet, and everything kept right on working off of the UPS's battery power.. So, I'm a happy customer. No more losing my phone service and wireless internet access when the power goes out.

  • Louis P. - Great budget 4K tv!

    I bought this tv when It was on sale for 399.99. First off let me say that I am More than satisfied with this, and that once you calibrate the picture it looks more like a 550-600 tv. I paired this with a new Xbox One S and 4K blurays look great on this, especially with the high dynamic range color support. I used the website called rtings to read product reviews for this, as they run multiple rigorous tests on a load of different tvs to provide a very scientific and accurate product review. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a 4K display for gaming, because the tv response time is one of the best in the entire 2016 4K tv lineup.

  • Yaya - Camera not picking you up? Please read on...

    For those of you having an issue with the camera not picking you up on ps4, if you have followed all on screen directions, go to the camera setting on your ps4 and follow the on screen directions (there is only one option) Make sure your face is in the box all three times. And it picks it up. This should fix the problem as long as you have the camera at least 5 feet off the ground, at least 6.5 feet in front of you, proper lighting, anf your whole body in the camera frame.