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  • Bryan C. Tewksbury - Good product, bad QA

    The chairs are good build quality and it's nice to have the side tables that clip on included. They do need to double check their QA because one of the chairs is rusting out. I'm requesting a replacement and will upgrade my stars if they fix it.

  • Belita - Maybe 3lbs, definitely not 10

    The product is really sweet-almost syrupy- so if that's not your thing you may have trouble swallowing it. I was hungry the whole time because this does not fill you up. I would advise against exercising since you're only taking in 400 calories a day. This is definitely not a long term solution, and the claim to lose 10lb in 2 days is perhaps true for anyone at least 100lb over weight.

  • Christian Hayes - Amazing headphones !

    WOW ! the quality of these is amazing , I thought It would be a bit lower than your basic headphones since they are not connected . But not at all, these work as amazing as possible . There not being a cable hanging down my shirt every time I run , which keeps me comfortable . The sound quality is on point . I would love to give these as a gift and will probably order more .

  • j.y. - The best thing since...

    You'll forget you're having your period, lol. These are great once you get the hang of it. The reviewer that suggesting using a disposable glove changed my life! It's mess free, just put a glove on, remove the cup and wrap the cup in the glove and discard. I then put a new glove on to insert the fresh cup. Safer for your body than bleached cotton alternatives.

  • N. White - HIGHLY recommend

    I am in my early 20s and experiencing hair loss. This product started growing new hair within the 1st month. Overall regrowth was outstanding. I regrew about 2cm on my scalp near the middle of my head and grew about 1/2cm from just about my forehead. There hasn't been any new growth since(probably just genetics) but I'm glad that I have regained the surprising amount that I have. I highly recommend this for anyone who, like me, is unfortunately experiencing hair loss as a young age and is self-conscious about losing it. I was depressed for a long time about it (once a few people pointed it out). Thanks to this (inexpensive) product, I am starting to feel my age again! :-)

  • Steven - It sucked

    The jokes were forced and bad, it felt more like a comedians trying to tell jokes instead of actors in a funny movie.

  • Brent Hillyer - I really wanted the reviews to be wrong

    Bad dialogue, lame villain, too much product placement, and disappointing cameos. Comicbookgirl19 was correct that we shouldn't support a bad movie just because we want something to work. I was hoping for a successful relaunch, this was not it. Definitely not worth a $5 rental