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  • Cracker Pot - More COmplicated Than 2003 Version

    I have been using ACCESS 2003 for several years to maintain a long list of adresses, phone, email info,etc. I was quite comfortable with it and expected that the 2010version would have advanced features. What I find instead are much the same features but the software seems more compliacted to use. I am having difficulty doing something as simple as printing of mailing labels.

  • S. Miller - Best mouthwash I've found

    Other than being expensive, this is an excellent, effective mouthwash that does not burn or taste like an industrial drain cleaner. The upside to the expense is that you don't need to use very much of it, and could even dilute it a bit to make it go farther.

  • Wilda Campbell - With Cooking Light I no longer need cookbooks

    Hi, I cook almost exclusively from Cooking Light unless it is Indian food. I love that they do make over recipes of old favorites and that they have many new ones which are usually seasonally based. I also like being able to have both a magazine and on line access.

  • Dan Wilson - Outstanding!

    The XB1 didn't disappoint. This thing is amazing. The graphics on Battlefield 4 are simply the best I've ever seen. I also very rarely experience lag on COD Ghosts on Xbox Live, unlike with the 360. The user interface is like Windows and works really well. The machine itself looks nice and is very quiet. The controller is the best video game controller ever. I can't wait to see software designers begin to exploit the capability of this machine.

  • ndarias - I personally do not recommend it. Would keep taking them if they were ...

    I purchased two bottles for $48.00. I did not see a lot of improvements in the growth of my hair. I personally do not recommend it. Would keep taking them if they were less expensive, but the little results are not worth the money. My hair grew as usual, I did not notice any additional grow nor side effects.

  • Amazon Customer - Didn't work for me, and I did everything right

    Not being bitter, but I want to share my experience to warn others. I am a fit young woman who smokes every day (about three-to-four bowl packs; sometimes a blunt or two with a friend [once a week]). I also exercise regularly and drink a lot of water. I abstained from smoking for nearly five days before my drug test, then drank the Qcarbo and water (following the instructing to the T). I still failed the test! I was surprised.