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(Avond) Kapper in Bussum | KAPSONES - Welkom bij Kapsones, een vernieuwende (avond) kapsalon / kapper in Bussum ('t Gooi) voor dames, heren en kinderen.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands


    Omg. I loved this book. Grant it it's not what you usual give us but this was a nice change. Love the mention of some of our old favorite characters. Part 2 please...

  • T. Ellis - Great, versatile bag

    I used this bag as a day bag for a recent trip to Europe. It seemed too big at first but turned out to be perfect sized. Well laid out and comfortable to wear. Nice pockets for water bottles on each side. The only complaint I have is that the carry handle is integrated with the shoulder straps in an awkward way. A separate handle would be much more comfortable and natural.

  • Venom211 - Better than the picture and looks especially good with my ...

    These look sharp once installed. Better than the picture and looks especially good with my White / Black JGC Altitude model. I had the dealer install them cause I didn't want the hassle that others had to deal with on here. They put these on and a set of JEEP splash guards and charged me an hour and a half of labor which I thought was relatively reasonable.