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    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • Kate Lamport - Chronic illness and its helping

    I have tried numerous fish oils. My husband ordered this for me due to my numerous health problems, lyme disease, fibromyalgia, and arachnoiditis. All create inflammation, arc is inflamed spinal cord nerves, they are clumped together and very painful. I was recently put onew methylprednisone daily, I had to stop it due to my heart rate, however it's been 3 weeks on this and my joints feel as though I was still taking the methylprednisone. This is huge for me, I cannot count the nights I have woken my husband up begging him to stick a fork in my joints, cut my lower body off, etc. Crying and rolling around in bed in tears. I believe it has to do with this oil as it is the only thing it can be. For me ill try most supplements after research, this one my husband ordered after he researcher and I'm ordering more and some for my step dad whom has rheumatoid arthritis to see if it helps him too.

  • Daniel Baird - Disappointing First Impressions

    First impression...Registration during installation is Garbage (the installer has registration fields built-in). The installer doesn't allow you to tab between fields, or copy and paste into them (ie License Keys and Addresses.) And trying to submit the registration threw an error, so after a frustrating three pages of entering registration info, moving between fields with my cursor, it was all in vein as I had to start again. Sorry Intuit, you had your chance to capture my info so you can bombard me with worthless offers for payroll, checks, and loans.

  • A. Antonio - Awesome Value

    I was hesitant when purchasing this messenger bag. I've run into some different bags in the same price range that were not that great. I took a chance and bought this one. I was amazed by the quality of this bag. everything about it seems built to last. The only messenger bag company I've found that offers better quality is Bailey Works but those are almost twice as much.

  • Henry Lawrence - These headphones are awesome!

    These headphones are awesome! They are super nice looking and the sound quality is great. The charge time on them is really good. They come in a really nice box, so they are definitely gift ready. These would be a great gift for any runner, music lover... anyone who goes to the gym, walks... whatever. We use these at the gym and listen to Prime music off our phones. I'll never use wired headphones on an elliptical again!

  • mike keil - Cheap and Small

    The jersey was much too small and made of cheaper materials than I had expected. It's not a good value for the price.

  • saaa - Please save your money, this doesn't work. I ...

    Please save your money, this doesn't work. I knew it probably wouldn't but all the positive reviews made me a bit hopeful. The tea does nothing for me. Makes me wonder whose writing all the rave reviews.