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  • Amazon Customer - A fathers day gift idea

    This one should not leave my dad seatless. I find the book narrative somewhat splintered. The information that it piles on left me down in the dump. Maybe they can squeeze out a sequel or just a number two.

  • Maria Hernandez - Buen upgrade!

    La agenda Mia Astral 2015 es una excelente herramienta para aprovechar la astrología a su máximo potencial, a diferencia de la agenda del 2014 esta es mucho más completa y el diseño está increíble.

  • Nancy Nagler - Microsoft's database program

    This is a good database program, the easiest to use, at least for me, since I had to leave an early version of Paradox (MDx2 - sorry) behind. The 2010 version is quite different than my XP version, but, of course, the XP version isn't supported any more. Gotta keep the GNP up, and Microsoft's bottom line healthy.

  • Aiden - my son now thinks his dad is a superhero

    This is a great book for my first grader.. He was able to read it with my help on some words and now thinks his dad is a superhero even more than he did before!

  • Jennifer Combs - Really great product!

    This mouth rinse is awesome! I can really tell I have less plaque after using it. I had to change dentists because of insurance changes and my new dentist doesn't seem to remove my plaque nearly as well (he uses a water pressure type tool instead of the metal tool to scrape). I searched for options online because I notice teeth more than the average person and plaque drives me nuts. It does have a peculiar taste (not bad, not good), which at first is more noticeable if you've always used minty mouth wash. You use this product before brushing your teeth (it loosens the plaque), so if the taste bothers you, you can always continue to use mouth wash after brushing. I don't have dry mouth, so I'm not sure how the product works that issue, but I do know it removes plaque!

  • Teya - Completely crashed after one use!

    I am not one to give bad reviews but this is ridiculous. I took advice from a friend to get Quicken because it was just as good as Quick books... Installed and set up account then closed it to use later... when I tried to open it again it said "Quicken Window has stopped working. A problem cause the program to stop working correctly." I went on the website and tried to get help and waited to be talked to for 45 min then it told me that there were no available tellers. please try again later. Not Impressed! Spend the extra money and get Quick books!