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  • Michael - Full of Quality Function

    I am someone who does not have great balance. I slip and fall all the time, so in areas like the shower I want something that will allow me to stay upright, yet be comfortable to my feet.

  • Amazon Customer - I would recommend the moov to anyone who wants to get fit

    i investigated several different fitness bands, I decided to buy the moov. I impressed with its simplicity and sleekness . The coaching tool has helped me improve my walking and biking and i feel I have improved more with the moov than without . I would recommend the moov to anyone who wants to get fit .

  • Angela M Williams - Kaplan GRE Premier 2014

    I love the online course syllabus features with the practice and diagnostic tests, DVD and the capability to sync with Kno for mobile devices (incl. digital flashcards). There are two major downfalls: the online practice and diagnostic tests are not available via the mobile app (like on my iPad) and this book seems to be a teaser to encourage people to learn the true Kaplan strategies through their premium fee based on-line courses. I have been supplementing my studies with Grockit.com for the GRE on You Tube because sometimes reading over 500 pages of text needs a map and a compass to make it through the maze of the multiple levels of standardized test-taking issues. The responsiveness of Kaplan tech support (on-line and via email) and the Kaplan instructors via Facebook should be acknowledged as a nice feature as well. You are granted access to the archive of "blog" test-taking shortcut strategies from the Kaplan instructors which can be incredibly helpful - but this does take some time to search through their library of information. Additional positives - Kaplan's written higher test score guarantee and you can return the course book and DVD to Amazon for a credit when you have completed the exam (because of course this material will be outdated by the time you need to study for the GRE in 2015). DEFINITELY worth it if you are disciplined at self-study, are short on study time and can purchase "new" from a vendor at less than retail price via Amazon.com.

  • Crystal - Mary Kay Timewise Day & Solution Set.

    Thank you for your prompt delivery. Was exactly what I expected. I have used these products for 15 years and love everyone of the products for keeping your skin beautiful.

  • Christina T. - Happy with product

    I started using Shredz For Women as a supplement for my weight loss efforts. My original goal was to lose 50lbs and I'm already half way there after about two months of use. Not too shabby! It really is great with fat burning and the results it promises are real. This thing works. I chose it over other products for two reasons: 1) because it has been specifically formulated for women and with the female body and metabolism in mind, so I felt I wanted something this specialized, and 2) because a coworker of mine had been using it with very good results, so I got to see how it worked with my own eyes before I ordered and started to use it myself. I have tried other products before with moderate or no success, so the fact that Shredz actually delivered in the fat burning department has been a very positive surprise for me. It is the best fat burning product I've used to date and I intend to continue with it. I am optimistic that I will manage to reach my slimming goal by the end of the summer.