Semanário O DIABO - O DIABO é um jornal político independente dedicado a informar o público, promovendo a liberdade de expressão, a liberdade de imprensa e o debate livre.

  • Costa inverte estratégia - O Orçamento de Estado para 2017 encerra uma alteração de estratégia por parte do executivo de António Costa que, perante a necessidade de alavancar o crescimento do PIB, muda a agulha para o reforço do investimento, depois de ter passado o seu primeiro ano a apostar quase exclusivamente no consumo interno, com os maus resultados que se conhecem.
  • Império chinês estende os tentáculos a Portugal - Há vários anos que a China tem os olhos postos em Portugal, e a Base das Lajes oferece ao regime comunista uma oportunidade estratégica dourada.

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  • colo_chic - DOOMSDAY!

    It's definately worth adding to the collection. I would say better than "Volcano" a notch above "the Day after Tomorrow" in acting . . . and right up there with Deep Impact in terms of action and suspense. Good movie! But be in the mood to be a little freaked out or want to go out and stock up on supplies. hahaha!

  • Lisette Baxter - Warning:do NOT wear this tshirt in Australia!!!

    Seeing that it was mostly men who were extolling the praises of this t-shirt,I wanted to do my bit for womankind and see if its benefits were transferable to those of us of the female persuasion.Alas,I was to regret this decision.

  • Maxwell Regan - The Idea of passive income sounds great and interesting but the price of beginning the viable ...

    The Idea of passive income sounds great and interesting but the price of beginning the viable business demands a right information and the better knowledge on the running of the passive income for the longer time gains, the book will unveil the ready options that have worked for many people before.

  • tricia - Do not get scammed!

    I wish I could rate a negative star! Horrible products that do not work and absolutely rude customer service representatives! Worst thing I've ever signed up for!!!! It was worth the $50 just to get out of it early!

  • Nikita D. Martin - Christian Propoganda Disaster

    I was really excited to see this film...I actually thought initially that it would be "The Odessey" another 2012 film which is a documentary but quickly realized that it was actually a film that acted out a storyline based on 2012 prophecies. At this point I was still interested to see how the film would come together, and was even willing to completely bypass the terrible acting in order to see 2012 come to life in a way that I've only imagined from some of the books and research I've done myself. Let me say now, that not only was the acting horrendous, the storyline sucked, and I felt like I was watching a really corny version of Touched by an Angel. The whole flick completely took chosen bits and pieces of the ancient Mayan prophecy and made it into a Christian propoganda film. I am a Christian so I can appreciate my faith and appreciate what it is I believe in, but watching someone take two separate and completely different prophecies to try and sell the apocolypse honestly just pissed me off. I like how the people 'called' to do the Lord's work were all American, and the females were two blondes who questioned their belief in a higher being. The whole rapture thing being tied with the whole mayan temple thing...completely broken, made NO sense and I feel like I just lost an hour and a half of my life watching that garbage. If you really want to know about 2012, check out the History Channel's video on it, or "The Oddessy" so that you can get an unsensored, real version that makes alot more sense and isn't trying to sell nonbelievers a bogus version of the story. I hope you read this before you waste your money, it was a complete mess.